306 C 1 sworn in as the new Lions President of the International Lions Association

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

306 C 1 President Mahinda Perera returns to Sri Lanka today (17.07.2019). The International Lions Association is the largest service organization in the world.

Beginning in 1917 and continuing for a century, the United Nations is the only voluntary organization to have a permanent seat. The Lions organization is strengthened by its 1.45 million membership under the theme ‘Let’s serve’. There are 47,000 Lions Clubs organized with the intent of serving the people in need.

The International Lions Organization, which is spread across 210 countries, is governed by about 500 districts. Sri Lanka consists of six lion districts. 306 C 1 District comprises 96 Lions Clubs and 2,800 Lions.

The newly elected President of Sinha Mahinda Perera for the year 2019-2020 in the 306 C 1 Sinha District is ready to provide services to the people who need the service under a four pronged theme: “Servability”, “Membership”, “Leadership” and “Friendship”. In order to provide services under these four themes, 10 major programs have been
introduced as follows.

Implementation of 103 Lion Heritage Projects The Project Implementation Program under the theme ‘The five main services sectors introduced by the International Lions Organization for this year are Diabetes Prevention, Visual Impairment, Safeguarding the Environment, Reduce Hunger, and Reduce Child Cancer’. Lion organization image enhancement program Implementation of social service projects in partnership with private companies Disaster Management and Disaster Preparedness Program, The Lion’s Family Program for people living in remote areas A program for children, youth, women and the elderly groups who have been subjected to injustice “Our village Giant Sinha Saviya” program implemented in collaboration with Grama Niladhari and Divisional Secretary, Awareness program on common laws affecting people like consumer protection, civil law.

The President has planned to launch a special program to identify those eligible to become members of the Lions Association. A series of leadership training programs have been organized for Lions members. In addition, several programs have been organized to promote goodwill among the Lions.

After the swearing in of the Cabinet of Ministers at the Steam House in Ratmalana on July 20, 2017, the 306 C 1 District, headed by His Excellency Mahinda Perera, will commence operations in 2019-2020.