All Set to Thrill Uva Kuda Oya with Commandos’ Supercross – 2019

Saturday, 27 July 2019

‘Commando Challenge – 2019’, the proud 4 th  edition of the Commando Regiment’s Supercross that collects the cream of riders and drivers of the Army and the civil society under one roof at the Commando Regiment Training School in Uva Kuda Oya is set to get off the ground on 4 August with the participation of hundreds of riders and drivers.

A Press Conference, headed by Major General Shavendra Silva, Colonel of the Regiment, Commando Regiment, Chairman, ‘Commando Challenge’ Supercross and Chief of Staff of the Army was held this morning (18) to this effect at the Commando Regiment Headquarters at Ganemulla.

In his introductory remarks to the Press Conference, Major General Shavendra Silva traced the history of the Commando Regiment (CR) and the Supercross and said the Commandos are among the best outfit in the organization and also in the world.

He further recalled how the basis for the Supercross was laid after several years of Commando expeditions, beginning the year 2014 before the event was transformed to be a Supercross, starting from the year 2017. He also recalled how the inaugural Supercross in 1992 came into being at Diyatalawa and was made an annual event. Major General Silva thanked the SLARDAR and all the sponsors for their generosity and appealed Media personnel to carry the message of the Supercross to all the places in Sri Lanka as it is one of the main events, being held in a remote area, like Uva Kuda Oya. He also told the gathering that the Commando track of 1850m (cars) and 1750m (bike) track would be the ideal tracks with most challenging laps in the country and the event would open up new records, Major General Silva opined.