Art is a part of our culture. I would ask everyone to preserve it, Mahesh Uyanwaththa

Monday, 30 July 2018

Mahesh Uyanwaththa is a popular character in the the local acting circle much admired by his peers and fans alike. He first made his entry into the limelight as a kid comedy actor in his school time.

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And since then he has participated in many creations in television and theater. Mahesh well known as a tele drama director , assistant director and also he is a good scrip writer and a singer.

He has recently made his stage drama “harima badu dekak” and “Tharawo Igilethi” , new tele drama “Ape Adare” as well as a assistance director . He is also scheduled to appear as the leading character in several up coming movies and some of tele dramas . A keen enthusiast in Artistic work, Mahesh says that he is even willing to risk his own life for the betterment of local art.


Q: What is you prediction about the future of local Art?

Art is a part of our culture. And I would ask everyone to preserve it. We are the last survivors of our generation of artists. Due to issue like time and money the general public have now started to move away from art. But they are happily embracing foreign artwork.  When considering the present life expectancy of the country I may even not live that long. But I fear for the future of newcomers.





Q: You are an actor with versatile talents. But still your skills have not been taken in to proper use. Why is that?

Still I’m popular among many people from the character I’m playing as “Toni”, But since then I was not given a fair chance to show my skills. Like many others, I too had to end up helping new faces to shine. But still patience and dedication are important to me. I cherish in the love and admiration of my fans, which is far more valuable than any award.

Q: Recently the artists have been accused if being politically divided and biased. What is your response to these allegations?

A: Politics is necessary for the future survival of art. But unfortunately everyone have now made it a mess. If anyone speaks well of the government then it is criticized as being biased. But how many people are contesting in both various political parties? As any professionals, we artists too have the right to bear a political opinion.

Note – Ashiki Mansoor ..

Pic. By Ranuka Wijewardhana