Sunday, 26 July 2020
2020/2021The Colombo Golf Club founded on 13th March 1879, initially based on Galle Face Green, with the then Club House slowly, gently and gradually transformed in to the Galle Face Hotel standing large today.Golf known as the oldest sport played in then Ceylon by the ruling British was grantedThe Alfred Model Farm atBorella, named after Prince Alfred, son of Queen Victoria,acquired by the Colombo Golf Club anddeclared open on 9th December 1896, by His Excellency Sir Joseph West Ridgeway, the Governor of Ceylon.

It wason 7th June 1928,that adespatchfrom the Secretary of State for the Colonies intimating that His Majesty has been pleased to confer upon the Colombo Golf Club privilege of using the prefix “Royal” and of being known in future as “The Royal Colombo Golf Club”, with the request to display the portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Head of the Commonwealth of Nations.With the passage of timetheLate W.P Fernando(Pin)became the first Ceylonese to be appointed Captain of the RCGC in 1964, followed by the Late Dr. L.V.R. Fernando(Lance)in 1966 and the Late C.P.G. Abeyewardene(Chrisso)in 1968,gradually facilitating the dominanceof Ceylonese holding office at the RCGC during the transition of British Companies to Ceylon ownership as well.After 1970, the majority of the British in Ceylon left the island nation and within that period Ceylon was renamed “The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka”.The RCGC celebrating its’ 140th year, experienced a significant challenge when the COVID 19 crisisfroze the holding of the Annual General Meeting usually scheduled in the last week of March locked-down by the force of nature!

CaptainNavinDe Silva, servingfor 35 yearsas aSeniorPilot withthe National Carrier Sri Lankan Airlines, having held Seniormanagement positions of Chief Pilot and Head ofFlight Operations takes over the ‘Controls’ at the prestigious and historic Royal Colombo Golf Club.Capt.Navin, aformerWesleyite,Sri Lanka Schools Cricket Captainand a keen single figure handicap Golferwho has won several local and international Golf eventsalso served as theChairman of the National Golf Selection Committee.CaptainNavinwas duly electedunanimouslyasCaptain of the Royal Colombo Golf Club at the Annual General Meeting of the RCGC on02nd July 2020.CaptainNavinis blessed with an Executive Committee boasting an excellent blend of experience and youthful exuberance. MichaelPereraMagala, a single handicapgolfer andrespected Past Captain was elected President.JehaanIsmail,an esteemed alumnusoftheUniversity of Colombo,a keen golferanda Member of the RCGC Committee for several years takes office as the Vice-Captainof the Club.Going down memory lane former Ceylon Cricket Captain F. C. DeSaram(Derek) served with distinction on the RCGC Committee for several years as the Ground Secretaryand his Son-in-Law NeilChanmugamwho also played Cricket for Ceylon and later toured England & Australia with the Sri Lanka Cricket Team as Manager prior to Sri Lanka received Test Status, also served on the RCGC Committee and subsequentlyserved as Captain of the Club. Significantly since then,MahelaJayawardenea more recent Captain of Sri Lanka Cricketand who himself is a single handicapper, becomes the first Sri Lanka Test Cricketer to jointhe EXCO of the RCGC as a Committee Member for 2020/2021at the invitation of CaptainNavin.AmrithDeSoysafive timewinner of the RCGC Club Championshipand the youngest in its’history at the age of 15,and a leading Amateur Golfer in Sri Lankahaving won 12 Club Championshipsisland wide,makes his debut in to the RCGC

Committee elected as ‘Honorary Marketing & Communications Secretary’ for the ensuing year.The newly elected Executive Committeeboastsof an excellent balance worthy of steering the RCGC in to the new decade, surfacing from a fresh wave of natures’ bloom, changing the face of economics to virtual reality, notwithstanding the importance of physical wellbeing and the diplomacy of Golf, the signature sport of a well-groomednation.ROYAL COLOMBO GOLF CLUBOFFICE BEARERS & GENERAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS FOR THE YEAR 2020/2021President MichaelPereraMagalaCaptain Capt.NavinDe SilvaVice-Captain JehaanIsmailImmediate Past Captain W. A. K. FernandoHonorary Treasurer SanethGamageHonorary Marketing& Communications Secretary AmrithDeSoysaHonorary Ground Secretary N.SethwalaHonorary Food & Beverage Secretary KumarMirchandaniHonorary Infrastructure & Club House Development SecretaryDr.RohithSilvaCommittee Member GehanSiribaddanaCommittee Member MahelaJayawardene