Counting of votes to commence today

Thursday, 6 August 2020

The Government Information Department has taken measures to release the election results as soon as they are received.

The counting of votes will commence at 8.00 am Agust (06) and the election results would be made available via the official web page and the special election
Live streaming will also be made available through the official Government news portal ( and the Info Department FB, Twitter and You Tube social networks
( from 10.00 am. This live telecast has been organised by the Government Film Unit. In addition a parallel telecast has been made available through Sri Lanka Telecom
PEO TV and Event TV.

According to the Director General of the Government Information Department Nalaka Kaluwewa, this like telecast has been organised in order to minimise the gap between the state
media and social media.

He also noted that any media organisation or individual could share the content on these live telecasts.

The Government Information Department held its first live telecast during the previous Presidential Election and this is the second time it has been organised.