Digibrush conquers digital marketing space with 7 awards in 6 months adding a SLIM Digis to the list

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Hailed as one of the fastest growing digital and design agencies in Sri Lanka, Digibrush continues to make a mark in the digital marketing industry with a growing family of creative and intellectually driven individuals bringing mind and talent into one stead of explosive brilliance, revolutionising the digital marketing space and beyond.

Over the past six months, Digibrush has accumulated multiple accolades, namely the Best Fashion/Beauty Website at the Web Marketing Association’s Web Awards 2018, alongside 3 Gold awards, dominating the digital marketing retail category at SLT 01 Awards. Now topping the Retail (fashion, consumer, electronic) category at the SLIM Digis Award for a campaign executed for the smartphone giant Huawei, the industry acknowledges the performance and creativity Digibrush holds in the digital marketing world.

In an interview with Hisham Zulfiqar, CEO and Co-Founder of Digibrush, he commented: “The last six months has been an exhilarating season of awards. With this victory, we have now been recognized by 3 different awarding bodies in 6 months, which is a true testament to the quality of work the team upholds.”

Continuing, he said “What differentiates us is that we specialize in design thinking, which focuses on the cognitive, strategic, and practical processes developed by a pool of brand strategists, digital media specialists and behavioural analysts. This allows us to not only produce aesthetically-appealing solutions, but also to ensure that they are all functionally relevant.”

Digibrush has always explored and understood the significance of the human psyche in influencing the mind in a digital landscape. Extensive research has been done on consumer behaviour and psychology, generating digital touchpoints to induce an action. With that being said, the future of Digibrush is an exciting prospect with a number of interesting projects in the works. Digibrush is now in the early stages of developing Ad-tech, unifying artificial intelligence with the progresses and experiences Digibrush has had with digital marketing over the years.

Since 2009, Digibrush has evolved into a multi-faceted and resourceful agency with a 40 member-strong team associated with numerous brands, both big and small, ranging from consumer electronics and FMCG industries with the likes of EZY Cooperation, Huawei Sri Lanka, McDonalds, Crocodile, Union Bank and Unilever.