Elephant House Hotdogs takes another step closer to consumers by partnering with leading food apps

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

The legendary ‘Elephant House Hotdogs’, known for its divine taste since 1966, is made of succulent sausages and topped with the signature sauce – a wonderful concoction of spices. Through the years, many have been drawn to enjoying the delicious and mouth-watering hotdogs making it a household favorite, satisfying the craving for an indulging meal.

The initiative to partnering with Uber Eats and PickMe Food is a step forward to bring the hunger buster closer to the customers. The apps are focused on helping the busy individuals to have easy access to their favorite food at their own convenience. Now customers in Colombo can order and indulge in the delectable flavors of Elephant House Hotdogs whenever they want with just one click.

Elephant House Hotdogs are currently being served at premier locations covering a vast area of Colombo such as Parliament Drive (adjoining the Parliament Grounds car park), Gonuts with Donuts at Maradana, Battaramulla and Marino Mall and Food Courts at Odel Colombo 7, Liberty Plaza and Majestic City as well as the Spinner Café, Kotte and Mt Lavinia (Near St. Thomas) to name a few.

This is yet another milestone for Keells Food Products PLC’s success story and this will help reinforce the legendary taste of Elephant House Hotdogs and make the Elephant House sausages brand closer to more and more consumers.

Elephant House serves indulgence with their premium processed meat range and has been a distinctively Sri Lankan brand, bringing legendary premium taste & quality meat products on par with international standards to customers. Elephant House has been a trusted name with adherence to stringent quality assurance processes and has been the culinary expert for more than 5 decades.

Elephant House processed meat has a range of Chicken, Pork and beef sausages, raw meat (Pork, Mutton & Beef), cold meat (Pork & Chicken) and canned product range (Meatballs, Corned beef & Mutton).