Saturday, 24 August 2019

Wipro Consumer Care is amongst the fastest growing FMCG companies in Asia,Middle East &Africa.With over 10000 employees from 15 nationalities. Woman constitute over 59% of the work force.

Wipro Consumer Care has evolved as the South Asia’s leading manufacturer and marketer of personal care products.It has made eleven acquisitions since 2003 across the personal care and lighting space in India and in overseas markets.Acquisition of Singapore based Unza holdings in 2007 in the personal care space has been the largest deal to date.Post this acquisition,company has grown leaps and bounds with getting access to Malaysia,Indonesia,Vietnam,China and Middle East markets. The latest acquisition of Splash in Phillipines has given the company a strong foothold in Phillipines market too.

It has an impressive portfolio of over 30+ proprietary brands which are leaders in the respective markets.Santoor and Glucovita are leading brands from India.Enchanateur, Safi,Eversoft and Romano are the market leaders in ASEAN countries.Yardley which also forms part of Wipro’s portfolio sells in over 40+ countries.Enchanteur,Yardley and Santoor have been launched in Sri Lanka as well.


What are your views on FMCG markets in South Asia?

South Asia is the major global hub of manufacturing and trade.It is one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world.As the region seeks to deepen its ties and capture an even greater share of global trade, its economic profile is rising.

South Asian economies have been advancing steadily in the recent years in improving their regulatory environment and making it more business friendly.In doing so the region is attempting to stimulate both entrepreneurship and job creation for its relatively young population. With this FMCG market and consumption is poised to grow in coming years.

About Enchanteur

Enchanteur is Wipro’s most popular brand in Sri Lanka and is sold over 50+ countries. It offers a fine fragrance experience at an affordable price point. Enchanteur has an impressive range of toiletries across multiple categories like Body Lotions, Deodorants- Body sprays & Roll-ons, Talcum Powder, Perfumes, Shower Gels and Soaps.

Consumers using Enchanteur get fascinated and nostalgic about the fragrances. They response on Enchanteur brand has been splendid across geographies. Sales have grown manifold in last few years. A lot of players have tried copying the format and packaging but have failed. This shows consumers have very high loyalty and strong association with the brand.


What are the strengths  which can make Enchanteur successful in Sri Lanka.

With our presence in multiple countries, we have the understating, ability and sensitivity to market the brand across diverse geographies. Consumers in Srilanka have liked and appreciated the range of fragrances offered under Enchanteur. Our business has grown with word of mouth recommendation and advertising support. With deep routed focus on building brand backed by investments, we are confident of making Enchanteur a household name in times to come.


Tell us more about the new launcg -Handbag EDT?

Sensing the need for greater convenience to feel fresh at all times and for all occasions throughout the day, Enchanteur, has developed Handbag EDT. It is  a compact sized, easy-to-use and convenient EDT range that can be used anytime and anywhere in a flash. It is designed to fit every hand bag or pocket size like a neat credit card that is perfect for the woman on the go. Boasting stylish packaging design that aligns with today’s trend, the Enchanteur Handbag EDT range comes in three unique variants – Romantic, Charming and Alluring.

Where do you see Enchanteur in Sri Lanka in next 5 years?

Sri Lanka is a focus market for us and we have a very good team and dedicated distribution force here. Our aspiration is to become top 3 players in 3 core categories under Enchanteur brand. Am sure we will realise our dreams in the next 3 years.