Enterprise SL loans for nearly 2,000 entrepreneurs in Jaffna

Thursday, 12 September 2019

More than 300,000 people had visited Jaffna Muttraveli grounds to view the Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition held there upto its third day on Monday. It said the Entrepreneurship Zone which is the main zone of the Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition is drawing the biggest public response. By the end of the third day on Monday nearly 2000 people had obtained initial registration to obtain Enterprise Sri Lanka state interest relief loans from state banks in the zone to realise their enterprise ambitions.

Actual granting of loans would be handled by branches of state banks situated in the respective residential areas of the applicants. Special attention had been drawn here towards loan schemes such as ‘Ran Aswenna’ and ‘Govi Navoda’ aimed to transform agriculture into commercialisation and mechanisation.