Fairway English Creative Writing Workshop 2018

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

English Creative Writing Workshop 2018: Just the kind of inspiration new writers need

The Fairway English Creative Writing Workshop for 2018 drew a large crowd of amateur writers and enthusiasts for a two-day workshop, conducted by an eminent resource panel focusing on novel writing, short story writing, poetry, script-writing, editing and publishing. Few of the participants shared their thoughts at the conclusion of the workshop.

“I was blessed to have been surrounded by so much knowledge, talent and passion on the part of both the resource panel as well as the participants. Words fail in my attempt to express what I experienced for it can only be felt by the heart and therefore I encourage anyone with the flair for writing to take part in this truly inspiring event.”

– 1. Stephanie Peries, Teacher of Classical Ballet, Deanna School of Dancing

“This workshop honestly inspired me to pursue writing once again as I was struggling to do so before. The resource panel was an absolute delight. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Fairway Holdings for supporting the arts and providing us with an opportunity to tell the world of its importance.”




 – 2. Rithmaka Karunadhara, Student, Ananda College 

“I felt that my knack for writing immediately scaled up thanks to the inspiration I received at the Fairway creative writing workshop. It was a massive platform that allowed and inspired many people to express their thoughts as words on paper. Fairway has taken a highly anticipated step to fill in a clear vacuum in the space of creative writing.”


– 3. Dilin Peiris, Duty Manager, Hilton Colombo

“I attended the Fairway English Creative Writing Workshop 2018 and this workshop introduced me to the art and practice of creative writing. It also offered me the opportunity to meet like-minded people and learn a variety of techniques, develop craft and expand my knowledge of editing and publishing. Writers and speakers who facilitated the workshop provided a wide range of information. This workshop also gave me the opportunity to explore my creativity and examine the works of others.”



– 4. Saradha Somaratne, Country Manager, Bookbridge Sri Lanka ”The stories the resource panelists shared about their journey of writing truly lit a spark of inspiration in me and I believe the event itself was a call to adventure. Thank you Fairway Holdings for creating this amazing platform that helped all those present to improve their writing skills.”



– 5. Chamari Fonseka, Assistant Director, Ministry of Finance and Economics

“The Fairway English Creative Writing Workshop was very interesting and we learnt a lot, but more importantly we were inspired to try out new styles of writing and to write more in general. I thank Fairway Holdings for organizing this much needed workshop for budding authors.”



– 6. Mithsandi Seneviratne, Student, Ladies’ College

“Writing, like life can feel really uncomfortable and overwhelming. As a Southeast Asian American student, the world of literature can be intimidating because of the lack of relatability but the world also evolves; the Fairway English Creative Writing Workshop reminded me that I can create an entire world out of words and that my different perspective is greatly valued. The resource panel did a sublime job in conveying their knowledge and inspiring us all to pick up our pens.”

– 7. Anny Thach, Student, College of the Holy Cross

“I enjoyed being a part of the workshop organized by Fairway Holdings since it was a fresh opportunity for all English literature enthusiasts to improve their talent, no matter how deeply buried it was. The inclusion of almost every aspect and every person within the workshop shone through in many circumstances and made it very informative, expressive and timely. Thank you Fairway Holdings.”

– 8. Amani Nilar, Student, Musaeus College