Govt to establish Multipurpose Development Task Force

Thursday, 12 December 2019

The government has decided to establish a “Multipurpose Development Task Force” as a Government Department with the aim of providing employment opportunities for qualified low income youth.“The President has observed that there are numerous unskilled employment opportunities in Government and Government affiliated institutions and that recruitments are made on political and other favorites irrespective of low income groups,” the Cabinet spokesman Minister Ramesh Pathirana said.

Speaking at the cabinet press briefing held at Government Information Department Auditorium minister said the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by the President to establish a Multipurpose Development Task Force as a Government Department enabling to provide 1000 employment opportunities for qualified low income youth.

He said the recruitments of this task force will be made at a transparent district level and operations of the department is to be commenced by January 15, 2020. Meanwhile it was also considered by the cabinet of Ministers that the government, Govt. affiliated institutions and the private sector will be able to access the services of said force on a cost-effective basis.