Heartless Trolls Cheered for a S‌ex‌ual A‌ss‌au‌lt Vi‌cti‌m’s Livestream Sui‌c‌ide in China

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Chinese social media was rocked last week after several photos and comments of people cheering and applauding the su‌ic‌id‌e of a female student from Qingyang in Gansu Province, China.  he woman, identified as Li Yi-yi, com‌mi‌tt‌ed s‌ui‌ci‌de by jumping from a high building on June 21, according to What’s On Weibo.

She was reportedly suffering from de‌pr‌e‌ssi‌on after people from her school and local authorities refused to believe her when she told them her high school teacher se‌xual‌l‌y as‌sau‌lt‌ed her in 2016.