Inauguration of the Sri Lanka College of Emergency Physicians

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

President Maithripala Sirisena says the programmes implemented with the aim of preventing and eliminating of diseases should be broadened and promoted. ‘Even though the treatment units were strengthened by allocating a large sum of money from the annual budget, the programmes being implemented regarding the prevention and elimination of diseases are not in a satisfactory level’, the President said.

The President made these remarks addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Sri Lanka College of Emergency Physicians held at the BMICH, today (02). Addressing the ceremony, the President further said that the creation of association of specialist doctors for emergency treatment is a very important and a timely step.

President Sirisena pointed out that as a result of a large number of doctors and nurses leaving overseas annually, the medical and nursing staff in Sri Lanka is not sufficient to fulfill the national requirement and further pointed out the importance of paying immediate attention of all in this regard.

The President presented awards for 11 doctors in recognition of their great service towards emergency treatment. The President also launched the new website of the Sri Lanka College of Emergency Physicians.