Kaluganga, elixir of life for the people

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Silver streaks of water from the gigantic Kalu Ganga Reservoir project flowed down to irrigate arid lands in several districts in the country on Thursday when President Maithripala Sirisena opened the sluice gates of the reservoir constructed under the mega Moragahakanda – Kalu Ganga Multi-Purpose Development Project, considered to be the irrigation marvel of the 21st Century.

Addressing the gathering, President Sirisena said Moragahakanda – Kalu Ganga Multi-Purpose Development Project will become the most beneficial development activity to the people of the country. He added that the ability to hand over Moragahakanda – Kalu Ganga Project to the nation during his tenure is a fulfillment of a great aspiration of the farming community and realisation of a personal dream.
The President also handed over newly constructed line institutes in Ambana new town to the residents. They included a new hospital, Samurdhi Bank, Govi Jana Service Center and bus-stand in addition to the houses constructed at a cost of Rs. 1200 million.The water capacity of the Kalu Ganga Reservoir is 248 million cubic metres and the length and the height of the main dam is 618 metres and 68 metres respectively.
The project will meet the water demands of 3,000 families who have been resettled at the lower valley of Kaluganga. It will supply water to nurture 2,000 acres of irrigation land and the excess water will be released to the Moragahakanda reservoir. A 9- metre wide canal has been constructed for the purpose.The project will be instrumental in developing agricultural activities by increasing the water supply to old Amban Ganga, Yodha Ela via Minneriya, Giritale, Kawudulla and Kantale. This will also enable 40,000 families to cultivate in both Yala and Maha seasons.