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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Mallika Hemachandra Jewelers; Prosper this Season with A Touch of Gold

Sri Lanka’s renowned Jewelers, Mallika HemachandraJewellers takes a hand in spreading prosperity this dawning Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The transition of the Sun from the MeenaRashiya(House of Pisces) to the MeshaRashiya (House of Aries), gets all Sri Lankans up on their feet and heavily engaged in rituals and customs passed down through generations. Mallika HemachandraJewellers has come up witha truly remarkable selection of jewellerywith the intention addingglamour to your New Year. Reincarnation of the Sun grants a clean slate for all. You can feel the essence of life in the golden paddy fields, you can see the lush orange growth on a cashew trees, the bright yellow florathat greets you in the morning. You can feel the earth between your toes. Every living breathing thing is prospering! Everything is golden and radiating. So,why not you?

The New Year is the preliminary symbol of Prosperous beginnings. Gold in its purest form radiates prosperity like no other. All Golden trinkets are with an astounding sense of empowerment and promise. It gives off a very propitious vibe that indefinitely cleanses your aura.   Incorporate this good luck charmwhen you light up the hearth for the very first time, or when you sit down with your loved ones for your first meal.  These delicate pieces of intricate jewellery have been brought into existence by craftsmen whopour their heart and soul into them. A piece of this collection in your New Years attire will ensure you the most glorious emanation of your prosperity this year. Be a fearless force of nature in the face of the Sun’s new glory!

Golds priceless nature runs beyond its charm. Every golden trinket in the households of our nations citizens hold a special place in their hearts. Every one of those has a story of their own. There’s memories woven into them alongside the gold and the exquisite gems. It’s ever appreciating, in both sentimental and commercial worth.

Go that extra mile this year! Be a trend setter alongside Mallika HemachandraJewellers. Find your own exquisite Pot of Gold at insane prices. Withinstallment plans extending upto 36 months and 0% interest rates on credit cards offered by all leading banks, Mallika HemachandraJewellers is offering you a head start on your prosperity this New Year. If you are interested in trading in your old pieces of jewellery for something new and trendy, they got you covered with an irresistible exchange rate for old gold. Their New Year extravaganza is also inclusive of discounts upto 30%on jewellery purchases and 22kt gold chains for gold price only, starting at Rs. 19,800. Their deals continue with the special Diamond pendant promotion starting at Rs.16,000. The Petal collection and the beehive collection promotion too offers discounts up to 30%

Bank offers this season are as follows. Sampath Bank offers up to 40% off on jewellery purchases. All the while Commercial Bank, NTB, HSBC, HNB offer up to 30% off on Diamond studded items and 15% off on 22Kt Gold Jewellery. Standard Charted Banks, BOC, Pan Asia Bank, Seylan Bank and People’s Bank offer 20% off on jewellery purchases. All of these are for a limited period of time. So stay tuned to reap the benefits. Hurry up for these hot deals won’t last for too long!

Mallika HemachandraJewellers also has come up with an innovative solution for you to view AluthAvuruduNekath at your fingertips. Visit Mallika HemachandraJewellers official Facebook or Instagram pages for your very own Digital AvuruduNekath 2019!