Media has broad role in country’s forward march – President

Sunday, 2 July 2017

President Maithripala Sirisena said that media should play a responsible role instead of arousing people through negative news. The President added that media is duty bound to be the driving force of the country towards prosperity to make a better future.

The President made these remarks addressing a gathering at the Ratnapaura Hospital yesterday. A Paediatric Unit, a blood bank and a dialysis unit were commissioned by the President constructed at a cost of Rs 100 million.

President Sirisena stressed that the media should act in a responsible and acceptable manner while following media ethics and norms, so as to cultivate a positive attitude among people.

“Even though it is regrettable to mention that Sri Lankan media has not clearly understood the duty expected of them.

“The quality and responsible conduct of media are vital for the country to stand on its own feet as a developed country. Therefore, the media should clearly understand their role and responsibilities, he said.

It is observed that certain sections of the Sri Lankan media is interested in digging garbage and very keen to report negative news such as murders, rape cases, disputes and communal issues.The media has to play a broad role in the country’s forward march by building a strong media culture. The media is duty bound to inculcate good and noble qualities in people such as patriotism, social responsibilities, social-harmony, personnel and social responsibilities rather than arousing hatred, communalism and racism.

People may think that there is no Government in the country when watching and listening to media. They may wonder what happens to the country by the following day. That is because the way the media behave, the President added.

The President pointed out that media is so powerful and strong enough to drive a country forward and towards a strong goal.

Speaking on the dengue menus, the President said that everyone has a bounding duty for eradicate dengue.

“The dedication and devotion of every person is needed for eradicate the dengue menace. It can be observed that dengue is directly linked with personal discipline and other good qualities such as obedience to law and order,” the President said.

President Sirisena noted that the flood control system, which was introduced in 1968 by a team of American experts, will be implemented soon aiming to protect the people of the Ratnapura and Kalutara districts from floods.