New bribery act next year

Thursday, 21 December 2017

The draft new Bribery Act will be introduced in the next two months, Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) Director General, Sarath Jayamanna PC said.

He said that the present Bribery or Corruption Act is obsolete and some loopholes have been identified since it has been enacted in 1994. Considering these shortcomings, there is a need to introduce a new Bribery or Corruption Act to create a just society.

Launching the new CIABOC website yesterday, Jayamanna said that the draft, which is being prepared, will be open for public discussion.

“Positive, fruitful suggestions and public views are encouraged and accepted,” he said.

Once the draft is passed in Parliament, it will be the new Bribery or Corruption Act, probably from next year. Some new clauses will be added to the new draft such as the definition of entity and person. Bribes relating to private entities will also be included with the new draft. So far no foreign institutions are enlisted to the Bribery or Corruption Act, but these international entities will be included in the new draft, Jayamanna said.

In line with the web launch, the gathering drew attention on establishing a national action plan to combat corruption in Sri Lanka.

He added that people are facilitated with the new website to lodge their complaints easily. The website ( ) provides all necessary details to lodge a complaint or to get information, he said.

Complaints can be lodged through eight ways such as phoning, emailing, faxing, lodging a complaint with the website etc.

Speaking on the progress of the CIABOC Jayamanna said that 73 cases relating to bribery or corruption have been filed in courts so far this year.

However, the CIABOC has received 2,590 cases up to December 15, from January 1 this year. Of the total number (2,590) CIABOC has decided to investigate on 1,549 cases.

CIABOC Commissioner Neville Guruge said CIABOC will set up sub offices in Kandy Anuradhapura and Matara in future.