Opposition failed to bring solid evidence against PM, Cabinet – Ajith

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Deputy Minister Ajith P. Perea yesterday said the Opposition failed to bring any solid evidence against the Prime Minister and the Cabinet in the debate on the No Confidence Motion against the government. He said that many speeches included allegations and not evidence.

Perera was speaking as the last speaker in the debate on the NCM before the government called for a division.

“The NCM suggested that Prime Minister and the Cabinet received information on the Easter Sunday carnage. However, nobody brought forward any evidence proving the allegation,” Perera said.

The Deputy Minister said the lack of evidence proves that the government is not at the receiving end of the Easter Sunday carnage.

Perera said that neither the Prime Minister nor the Cabinet received any information on the terror attacks prior to April 21. “Following the 52-day political coup, certain developments prevented us from getting certain information. Only the President was privy to such information. Therefore, accusing the Prime Minister and the Cabinet is unacceptable,” Perera said.