Parliament receives copies of petitions filed in SC

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya informed the House yesterday that Parliament received copies of two petitions filed in the Supreme Court under Article 121(1) of the Constitution in respect of the Ruhunu Economic Development Corporation of Sri Lanka Bill.The Bill received from the Legal Draftsman, prepared on the lines of the Greater Colombo Economic Commission will support the establishment of export-oriented special economic zones attracting foreign investors and creating employment for youth in Southern Sri Lanka.

The Government moved the Ruhunu Economic Development Corporation of Sri Lanka Bill in Parliament on August 21, setting a national policy on the Ruhunu Economic Development to encourage rapid economic development specifically trade, exports, technology, tourism and modern agriculture employment opportunities to secure sustainable economic development.The Bill provides for the establishment of the Ruhunu Economic Development Corporation of Sri Lanka for the purpose of identifying, formulating and coordinating the implementation of Economic Development Projects, Plans, Programmes or Schemes within the Ruhunu Development Area and for matters connected.
The Government has earmarked Ruhuna and Hambantota to establish an investment zone to compete with those in the Western Province. Export Processing Zones are expected to be established in Galle and Matara with several large tourism zones to the extent of 500 acres also to be set up by the Government.
Measures to protect archaeological sites – Sajith
Measures have been taken under the provisions of the Archaeology Ordinance for the protection of archaeological sites, said Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister Sajith Premadasa.He said this in response to questions posed under Standing Orders 27(2) in Parliament yesterday.He said firm measures have already been taken by deploying Provincial Assistant Directors, Zonal Officers, Archaeology Assistants and Archaeology workers for the protection of archaeological sites.
In addition, he said that measures had been taken to also provide security to these archaeological sites through community policing in addition to the security provided by the Police Archaeology Protection Division and the Civil Security Division.The government has also established a Hotline 1915 to lodge complaints regarding damge caused to archaeology sites. The Minister also added that the penalty for damaging archaeological sites has also been increased. Responsing to a question raised regarding the cinema industry in the country, Minister Premadasa said that his ministry intends to seek allocations from next year’s budget for the purchase of 116 projectors with new technology.