PFC withholds its approval of funds for ministers’ new vehicles

Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Public Finance Committee (PFC) has decided to withhold its approval for financial allocations for purchasing new vehicles for ministers, Committee’s chairman TNA MP MA Sumanthiran told Parliament on Tuesday.While tabling the committee’s performance report, the MP said that the committee had requested the Director General of National Budget Department to provide the details of vehicles purchased for ministers since January 2015. The committee has also asked the Director General Budget Department to include in the report the present condition of vehicles used by the ministers.

The committee would withhold its permission until it receives the requested details, he said.

The MP said that the report contained its observations on the revision of the salary and allowances given to the Chairman of the Committee to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption, resolutions under the Appropriation Act, and a note on the supplementary  allocations given from the BudgetarySupport Services and Contingent Liabilities Provisions made under the Department of National Budget. “The committee agreed to ask the Director General of Budget Department for details about the vehicles purchased for ministers since January 2015 and the present condition of vehicles used by the ministers and decided to withhold its approval until the receipt of requested details,” MP Sumanthiran said.

The committee has made this direction in respect of the Supplementary Allocation presented to the House on May 5, which among other things sought Rs. 329 million to purchase vehicles for ministers, a Provincial Governor and a Secretary to the Prime Minister.