PM Modi addresses ‘young friends’ at Global citizen fest in Mumbai through video conferencing

Sunday, 20 November 2016

PM Narendra Modi addressed the Global Citizen Festival, taking place in Mumbai, via video conferencing today. “I know that I stand between you and Coldplay and so will make this brief, PM Modi said. “Back in 2014, I enjoyed attending Global Citizen Fest in New York, this time around, my schedule didn’t permit me to come in person,” Modi said.

Thanking the crowd, he went on to say, “Deeply grateful to you for working shoulder to shoulder with me in this cleanliness drive and look forward that you continue to do so.”

In his attempt to strike chords with the youth, he said, “I always look forward to being among young people. It refreshes and re-energises me.”

“You bring an energy and idealism that is unparalleled,” PM Modi said.

Taking a subtle dig at his talent and his recent demonetisation move, Modi said, “You’ve been smart in asking me to only address gathering and not sing, or else I’m sure you’d be asking money back, that too in Rs 100 notes.”