PM says country forward despite challenges

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that the current government’s plan to develop the country will be continued despite the challenges.Addressing a gathering of members of the National Youth Front held at Magammana, Dehiowita, the Prime Minister said that if all people work together with a new attitude Sri Lanka can be made the best country in the Indian Ocean within 5 years.

He said Sri Lankans should build the nation on their own because no other country will help us in this endeavor, “We will have to build our country by ourselves. No other country will do it for us. Sri Lanka should take countries such as China and Korea which built their nations on their own. Talking of the past and embracing extremism will not help the country in anyway,” the Prime Minister said.

He said Sri Lanka is gradually rising from the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks and was the only nation to do so in such a short space of time. “None of us are aware of the technology that may emerge by 2050. Therefore Sri Lanka should focus on this situation and our intention is to build an economy which is suitable for the 21st century,” the Prime Minister said. He said the government intended to narrow the gap between rural and urban areas when it came to infrastructure facilities.