President says he is not alone in the battle against the drug menac

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

President Maithripala Sirisena says he is not alone in the battle against the drug menace and 90% of the population in the country is standing with him in this journey.

When a section of some responsible persons in the government took to streets against his decision to impose the death penalty for drug smugglers, the criminals, drug smugglers and corrupt people started to celebrate their victory, he said addressing a ceremony held in Rathnapura, (29).

President Sirisena said that he takes all the decisions to create a better country for the future generation and further said that all the politicians, public servants and intellectuals should come forward to fulfill the respective duties towards the motherland.

This ceremony was held to launch the ‘Sabaragamuwa Lassanai’ programme as well as to launch the declaration regarding the Kithul at the auditorium of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council.

The President unveiled the name board titled ‘Sabaragamuwa Lassanai’ using a remote control. The book compiled in this regard was presented to the President by the Governor of Sabaragamuwa Province, Dhamma Dissanayake.

The President also launched the ‘Kithula-Kithula’ website and the ‘Sip Thathu’ website which contained information on schools in the Sabaragamuwa province.