Provincial Councils are useless as confirmed by people in the North & East

Friday, 22 February 2019

Provincial Councils were introduced in 1987 as a solution to the so-called grievances of Tamil people live in the North and East.  Not only India but also political groups such as UNP, TULF, PLOTE, TELO, EPRLF, EPDP and left political parties believed that provincial councils are the solution for the crisis in the North & East.  Hence, provincial councils were established sacrificing 73,000 lives in the South. Parliament MP Udaya Gammanpila said.

There has been no provincial council in the North for five months.  Similarly, no provincial council in the East for 17 months.  The UNP has deliberately postponed holding elections for the provincial councils without a valid reason.  If the provincial councils are so vital for the people in these provinces, they should have commenced protests demanding the elections.  So far, there was no single agitation in the North or the East demanding provincial council elections.  It means that the people are not bothered about the provincial councils.  They can survive with or without provincial councils.

Although the North and East gained provincial councils after destroying thousands of lives and creating a blood bathe, they have now realized the councils are useless.  Chief Minister Wigneswaran failed to do a fraction of the work done by the Central Government.  That is why Minister Vijaykala who dreams of revival of the LTTE recently said that the Northern Provincial Council has returned funds back to the treasury since they failed to utilize the same.  During the last weekend, Premier Wickremasinghe, the champion of devolution, urged Tamil politicians to fully utilize the powers devolved to the provincial councils before demanding further devolution.