Relevant Army Commanders responsible for incidents after war

Monday, 1 April 2019

If punishment is not imposed on persons responsible for certain incidents after the end of the war, international interferences cannot be avoided, says Field Marshall MP Sarath Fonseka. The Navy Commander now has to take responsibility for certain crimes he did and there are more such persons who are in the wrong, he said. They will be punished according to the law of the country, he added.

The Field Marshall says that he does not approve of certain acts carried out when enforcing the law against Karannagoda and that, rulers should intervene regarding events

Commenting on the C. V. Wigneswaran’s request of international courts to probe alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka, Fonseka says that it is shameful that a former Northern Province Chief Minister calling for foreign courts to investigate an issue in Sri Lanka.

He expressed these views at the media following a program held in Dalupitiya, Kadawatha. There are complaints of certain incidents following the war and the relevant Commanders of the Army are responsible for those, according to Fonseka.