SLFP proposals submitted to 2017 Budget: Arundika

Friday, 11 November 2016

The SLFP also submitted its own proposals to the 2017 Budget, Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs Deputy Minister Arundhika Fernando said.

 “This is the second Budget of the new government. Earlier, almost all proposals were amended, but this time we hope to see it go through with fewer amendments,” Fernando told a media briefing at the SLFP Headquarters at Darley road yesterday.The SLFP expects the 2017 Budget to be passed with few amendments as the finance minister responded positively to the party’s budget proposals, Fernando said.

He said among their proposals, a main item was the need to grant deeds to all those who have been given land by the government and to have their properties assessed not at the present value but their value at the time of allocation.

“We also know that the government is facing a serious shortage of finances. We need to not only provide relief to the people, but we also need to continue with infrastructure development programmes. We have also suggested several few revenue generating methods for the government in addition to a fair taxation system,” the deputy minister said.

He said they would as always oppose any proposal that would be harmful to the public.