SLIM Certification Ceremony 2019

Monday, 28 October 2019

More than 2000 students received certificates at the SLIM Certification Ceremony 2019

The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) held its Certification Ceremony in September2019 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) on a grand scale to recognise and reward the students who have successfully completed its educational programmes. They include the Preliminary Certificate in Marketing (PCM), Certificate in Pharmaceutical Marketing (Pharma), Certificate in Digital Marketing (CDM), Certificate in Services Marketing (CSM), Certificate in Entrepreneurial Marketing (CEM) and Marketing in Sinhala (MIS).

The students of PCM 2018 – Batch III and IV, PCM 2019 – Batch I and II, Pharma 2018 – Batch II and CDM 2018 – Batch II and III, CDM 2019 – Batch I,CSM 2018 Batch- II and 2019 Batch I, CEM Batch I 2018 and MIS 2019 – Batch I were conferred with medals and certificates, numbering to over two thousand.

PCM is one of the best short courses in marketing, conducted in the country which leads to a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (PGDIP). Marketing in Sinhala (MIS) and Marketing in Tamil (MIT) will eliminate the language barrier in learning marketing. The Certificate in Pharmaceutical Marketing is a qualification offered to participants to excel as medical delegate. CDM is an innovative programme designed to discover the revolutionary aspects of marketing.CSM is designed to introduce the changing nature of services environment, concepts and strategies which are unique to service businesses. Moreover, CEM focuses on enhancing the marketing knowledge of aspiring as well as experienced entrepreneurs.

The best student, first runner-up and second runner-up of each batch were conferred with a certificate as well as a medal,while the subject winners of the Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing were awarded medals.

The awards for Best Students were won by the following;

PCM III 2018 – D K D C K Thanaweeraarachchi,PCM IV 2018 – U Shivathmany

PCM I 2019 – M M F Ilhama,PCM II 2019 – M G I Prabhashana,CDM II 2018 – S G C Rajasinghe

CDM III 2018 – W B A D A Alles,CDM I 2019 – A P M Jayawardena,CEM I 2018 – R M A L Bandara

MIS I 19 – W P S P Perera

As two sessions wereheld this time, UpulAdhikari, Senior Manager-Marketing, HNB PLC/ Past President, SLIM (2016/17) and R M P Dayawansa, Deputy General Manager, HNB Finance Ltd/ Past President, SLIM (2008/2009) graced the occasion as the chief guests. UpulAdhikari remarked that the education provided by schools should be more focused on developing the skills and competencies required to excel as professionals.In contrast the current education system in the country prioritises conventional streams such as engineering, medicine and accountancy. He also mentioned that our society needs the advantage of diverse professional disciplines to grow as a nation. Sharing his views, R. M. P Dayawansasaid, “SLIM has created the foundation in building new career paths. Those who have successfully completed their courses today, will become top-notch marketers, PR professionals, sales experts, digital gurus and research specialists and will add great value to our economy.” While congratulating the certificate holders,the speakers noted that the professional qualifications offered by SLIM are immensely valuable for an individual who wishes to find employment in the marketing sector. They also mentioned that SLIM is doing a commendable service to the local labour market by offering comprehensive courses in marketing.

Ms.Kasturi Wilson, Managing Director at Hemas Logistics and Maritime Sector of Hemas Holdings PLCandMr.Sajith Gunaratne Deputy General Manager at Ceylon Agro Industries Ltd. participated as the Guests of Honour for the morning and afternoon sessions respectively.

Commenting on the occasion, Suranjith Swaris, President, SLIM said, “Learning the discipline of marketing not only adds value to a professional, but also grooms individuals to become successful in their personal lives.As the apex marketing body in Sri Lanka, SLIM has been shouldering the responsibility of producing the trailblazers of the local marketing fraternity.”

Roshan Fernando, Vice President, SLIM stated, “Staying abreast of new trends in marketing, SLIM is offering innovative programmes to raise the bar of Sri Lankan marketers. The courses offered by SLIM are highly recognised by the corporate sector and they always place confidence in SLIM to craft tailor-made courses for their employees. We are always striving to offer the best.”

Sanath Senanayake, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, SLIM said, ““Ever since its inception, SLIM has been dedicated to fulfil its vision of leading the nation towards prosperity by positioning marketing as the key driver of economic growth. Each year, SLIM gifts more than 2,000 marketing professionals to the country. I would like to congratulate our students who have received their certificatesand my wish for them is that this will only be the beginning of their journey along the learning curve of marketing.” He also mentioned that SLIM has reached the pinnacle as a mentoring unit that delivers an exceptional service and the endorsements received from the corporate sector are a testament to its excellence.

SLIM is the National body for Marketing in Sri Lanka and has been promoting marketing excellence and elevating the status of marketing since 1970. SLIM is constantly evolving to propel the growth of Sri Lankan marketing professionals.