Saturday, 1 June 2019

SLIM’s PCM, the stepping stone for your corporate career

Marketers are an innovative breed of people who endeavor in anticipating, forecasting and fulfilling peoples’ needs and wants profitably. Therefore, Marketing helps enhance the standards of living in society. Youngsters who yearn to enter the fascinating world of Marketing encounter the challenge of finding the right mentors to guide them towards their goal. The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the national body for Marketing in Sri Lanka caters to them as a true mentor on their quest towards becoming fully fledged marketers in future.

The Preliminary Certificate in Marketing (PCM), a three-month courseintroduced by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) in 1988 was aimed at imparting basic knowledge in Marketing, which has been sought by many in the field as the first step towards learning in the field. The PCM course is ideally suitable for those who are interested in gaining a fundamental knowledge of Marketing, and is not restricted to those who are already in the field of Marketing or pursuing a future in Marketing. It is also open to individuals in other professions who desire to obtain knowledgein the subject, which is a definite added value to their profession.

Marketing as a lifestyle, not simply a career, andit will assist all professionals in raising their professional standards. Educating budding marketers on the basic and fundamental theories of Marketing with business world examples is the core object of SLIM PCM. Modules such as Marketing Mix, Products, Pricing, Distribution, Marketing Communication, Promotions, Marketing Concepts, The Marketing Environment, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP), Product Planning & Development and Marketing vs. Sales are included in the three-month long certificate program.

The second intake for the year has just started and the inauguration was held in the Colombo, Kandy and Matara business schools recently. For more details of the programme, you may contact Colombo via 0703 189 646, Kandy via 0703 336 188 and Mataravia 0703 227 949.