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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Are You Investing in the Right Tools? The Body Shop Asks

A great makeup collection hinges on one make or break factor- the right makeup tools. It’s a simple equation that works, say the experts- to make the best of great quality makeup, use great quality application tools. Throughout the ages- starting with the ancient Egyptians, in fact- men and women have used makeup to enhance their natural features. Cosmetics have become less of a gamble over time (did you know that ancient Egyptians used copper and lead ore to create their cosmetics, and that women used burnt matches to darken their eyes?) and grown into a complex, multi-billion dollar industry catering to an impossibly wide range of skin types and preferences.

Today, women and men around the world can easily recreate a professional makeup look at home with the right tools. A small selection of makeup brushes and accessories like eyelash curlers and powder puffs may seem trivial; but they can really change the game when it comes to how makeup glides onto and lasts on a face. Take brushes for example; a well-designed and cared for brush can last for years. The Body Shop recommends using brushes with soft synthetic hair as they are less porous and more hygienic than brushes made of animal hair, which tend to collect bacteria.

The internationally renowned beauty brand is a giant in the cosmetics industry, with a wide range of makeup tools to complement its selection of ethically made and tested cosmetics produced with community sourced, Fair Trade ingredients. Their makeup tools are designed for a variety of makeup types, needs and preferences. The Extra Virgin Minerals Powder Brush, for example, has high-density synthetic hairs that easily hold ultra-loose fine powder allowing for progressive release and smooth, even coverage. These brushes account for the smallest of details- innovative design has produced a tip that doesn’t shed hairs and a handle that makes the brush easy to hold for precise and controlled application. The bristles will not damage or flatten, even when compressed in a makeup bag. Use this brush with The Body Shop’s Brush-on Bronzing Beads, made with dermatologically tested community trade marula oil for a beautifully bronzed look (minus harmful UV rays!).

The Body Shop also offers a collection of other accessories to create an expert makeup look at home. The Professional Makeup Sponge is diamond-shaped and dense, providing for precise and smooth application of makeup formulations like the hydrating 24-hour moisturizing Fresh Nude Foundation enriched with English Rose Water and Aloe Vera. The Body Shop eyelash curlers are designed to fit like a glove to your hand- use this to add the final touch to an eye makeup look created using the 2-in-1 Gel Eyeliner and expert volumizer Lash Hero Mascara. Use the pencil sharpener for larger makeup pencils like The Body Shop Makeup Concealer, and Lip and Eye Definer. Then the classic double-sided soft cotton velour puff will pair perfectly with The Body Shop All-in-one Face Base, a compact powder and foundation with a smooth velvety finish.

Find these products and more at The Body Shop outlets in Colombo (flagship store on Bagatale Road, and at Colombo City Centre and Odel Alexandria Place) and Kandy (Kandy City Center).