TNA has to be cautious about supporting NCM – Sampanthan

Saturday, 13 July 2019

TNA has to be cautious about supporting NCM – Sampanthan

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader R. Sampanthan said that despite having complaints about the government, his party has to be cautious about supporting a No Confidence Motion against them.

He said, there is no question that the government needs to be condemned for their failure to prevent the Easter Sunday attacks despite intimation to the government by a friendly neighbouring country.

“We are concerned that governance is related to a wide range of issues. One important question that does arise is what happens to the government once it loses the confidence of the House. Under the constitution, the government must remit office.”

At the 2015 General election, he noted, the people changed the government and their president. “There were several reasons why this happened. There were serious human rights violations and that is why the people wanted a change. The minority Tamil people were largely victimised. They had a reason to vote the way they did. The position of the present government is perhaps on certain fronts, particularly human rights, better than under the former government. It may not be to our complete satisfaction. However, if the government is to be changed, we don’t know what the policies of the new government are. President Mahinda Rajapaksa may aspire to come to office, but he has not outlined to the public, especially the Tamils, who were victimised under his regime, what the policies of this new government would be. Then how can we make a decision consciously to defeat the government?”

He said the general elections are due in a short while, and the people will decide who will govern then.

He said his party has nothing against the SLFP. He said they are unaware of the SLPP policies and called upon the SLPP to enunciate their policies especially to the Tamil people of the North and East. He said the SLPP had so far failed to do so.