Tokyo Cement inaugurates state-of-the-art Centre for Technical Excellence

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Cutting-edge Centre for Technical Excellence of Tokyo Cement Group, was inaugurated recently in Trincomalee.  The Centre of Excellence will house the technical operations, R&D facilities and quality control operations of the entire local manufacturing process of Tokyo Cement Group, solidifying the company’s commitment towards maintaining superior quality.

The Tokyo Cement Centre for Technical Excellence was declared open by Mr. Mitsuo Ono, Executive Officer of UBE Industries Ltd., Japan together with Dr. Harsha Cabral PC, Chairman, of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC.  Representing the decades old bridge of friendship and partnering between Sri Lanka and Japan, Mr. Kenichi Kakeya, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka attended the opening ceremony as a guest of honour.  Lead by Mr. S.R. Gnanam – Managing Director of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC. all members of the Board of Directors, Senior Executives, Management and staff of the company were present at this key milestone event.  UBE Industries Ltd., Japan, the technology partner of Tokyo Cement Group, was actively involved in providing technical and engineering guidance to set up The Centre of Technical Excellence, with latest technology inputs, to make it future-ready and fully geared with hi-tech laboratory and quality assurance facilities, to support Tokyo Cement’s cutting-edge manufacturing operation.

The Technical Building was ideated to provide greater management efficiency by providing a centralized overview of the company’s fully automated production process.  To enable this unified view, a modern Central Command Room is installed at the heart of the facility.  The four cement production mills at Tokyo Eastern Cement Factory are monitored via the Central Command, enabling smarter management of its operations and output efficiency.  In addition, the two Biomass power plants of Tokyo Cement Group, which supplies renewable green electricity to run its entire manufacturing process, are also monitored and managed through the Central Command operations.  The central command room, installed under technical supervision of Scientists and Engineers of Ube Industries, Japan, is connected to a modern management information system equipped with latest software and hardware infrastructure, for improved flexibility and agility to respond faster with informed decision making.  This also minimize human dependencies to assure a higher level of precision in the manufacturing process.

The Tokyo Cement Centre for Technical Excellence also houses the company’s R&D laboratories and the quality control units of concrete and cement manufacturing process.  Being Sri Lanka’s first cement and concrete testing laboratory to win the prestigious ISO17025 accreditation, the state-of-the-art facility is well equipped with modern testing apparatus and analyzers to guarantee the superior quality of all Tokyo Cement Group products being manufactured at the Trincomalee factory.

Environmental friendliness is at the heart of the Tokyo Cement Centre for Technical Excellence.  Designed with a minimal environmental footprint, The Centre has multiple features built in to its structural footprint that has significantly enhanced it environmental performance.  The architectural design of the building has allowed it to use its position within close proximity to the Cod Bay, to maximize its energy efficiency.  Designed to harvest day-light for its activities while insulating the indoors against heat gain, the building is entirely powered by 75KW of Solar energy.

In addition, The Building has the capability to store 20m3 of harvested rainwater, further improving its environmental footprint.  Designed to reduce and reuse its water consumption, The Centre is equipped with a waste water treatment plant with a 100,000 liters capacity, and uses a drip irrigation system to maintain its greener outlook.  With these unique features built-in in its design, the Tokyo Cement Centre for Technical Excellence is currently contending to become a GREEN® Certified building, undergoing the assessment process of the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka.

The Centre for Technical Excellence will also act as an educational space for both school children and university students who visit Tokyo Eastern Cement Factory as part of their field visits.  The Centre is equipped to provide educational information on Tokyo Cement’s core operations as well as on its corporate responsibility initiatives, to enrich the guided tour experience around the Tokyo Cement Factory in Trinco.

A walk through The Technical Centre is a highly engaging experience for any visitor who wishes to learn about Tokyo Cement Group.  A display area dedicated to the key sustainability initiatives spearheaded by the company, including Mangrove Reforestation, Coral Conservation and Biomass Electricity initiatives, take centerstage on the Ground Floor, while presenting the tangible impact of each program.  Key achievements of the Company, as Sri Lanka’s leading cement manufacturer is highlighted at the same level, while showcasing the strength of its product portfolio backed by the company’s unique linear business integration capabilities.  The first floor of the building which houses the Central Command Room also hosts executives and managers of Tokyo Eastern Cement Factory.  A spacious auditorium to accommodate over 200 people, fully equipped with conference facilities is on the second floor of the Technical Centre, giving the visitors a splendid panoramic view of Cod Bay.  This floor also holds a detailed feature wall of key milestones of the company’s nearly four decades of history, paying tribute to the legacy of its Founder Chairman late Deshamanya A.Y.S. Gnanam.

The Tokyo Cement Centre for Technical Excellence, in full operation is a standing testament of Tokyo Cement Group’s commitment towards achieving excellence in all aspects of its operations.  Tokyo Cement has earned its reputation in Sri Lanka’s construction industry as the most trusted supplier of high-quality cement and concrete used in projects that mark Sri Lanka’s growth.  The company has cemented its legacy as a partner in nation building and the undisputed market leader in Cement and Concrete in Sri Lanka.

Inauguration of The Tokyo Cement Centre for Technical Excellence, by Mr. Mitsuo Ono, Executive Officer of UBE Industries Ltd., Japan and Dr. Harsha Cabral PC, Chairman, of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC.

The Centre for Technical Excellence will house the technical operations, R&D and quality control facilities of Tokyo Cement Group’s manufacturing process


Educational spaces within The Centre for Technical Excellence to provide an enriched tour of Tokyo Eastern Cement Factory.