Thursday, 15 November 2018

November 13th 2018 Colombo Sri Lanka:  The newly opened luxury boutique city hotel Trillium Hotels at Torrington Avenue, Colombo 07 unveiled its signature menu recently, heralding a new era in epicurean dining.  Its restaurant on the Mezzanine floor, The Mezza9 serves a curated symphony of international offerings from simple salads to gourmand meats and the finest seafood and poultry, all prepared with handpicked quality condiments and the finest herbs and ingredients.  The Church Lounge & Bar with its spectacular panorama of Colombo City, including access to the rooftop and infinity pool offers the ideal R&R space.  Sip a Trillium signature cocktail to unwind, whether it’s a vodka based Trillium Delight or a combo of gin and vodka for some Trillium Spirit or maybe a Sky Rock, premium scotch with a dash of amaretto accompanied by some flavoursome tapas including salmon two ways and hot butter sea bass.  The complimentary nuts are a journey in itself; almonds, pistachios, Macademia and brazil nuts.


Chairman of Trillium Hotels Janaka Ratnayake has a simple three-fold formula for the Group’s F&B offering.  “What we offer are attractively priced dishes using the best proteins, vegetables and ingredients from all over the world, serving larger portions than conventional which means value for money.  We source all our meats including poultry from premium suppliers in Australia, Canada and Europe and our seafood from export quality A grade suppliers from Sri Lanka and Europe.  The specialty condiments, herbs, spices, flavoured oils and salts are all handpicked from the best around the world.”


The Mezza9 has a surfeit of curated dishes to delight any foodie.  The Peri-Peri Chicken, Duck & Beetroot Two Way, Sturgeon Caviar, Salmon Two Way, Seared Yellow Fin Tuna and the Seafood Paella are definite must try options.  The meats are about sheer decadence.  Whether it’s the Wagyu Rib Eye or Angus steaks, herb crusted lamb rack, grilled venison loin or the most exciting connoisseur combination of lobster, angus sirloin steak and truffle chips, the Mezza9 signature dish Surf and Turf, the hotel excels in its gastronomic choices.  While the staples of rices, pastas, rissottos and noodles are all given a Mezza9 twist, the Magic Mushroom burger is a delightful option for the vegetarian. Push the tastebuds further with a choice of desserts including specialty Movenpick ice creams.


“Trillium Deli Gourmet – Supermarket at Park Street is where we give customers the option of actually taking home these specialties and cooking it themselves,” explains Director Lekhya Ratnayake.  “Not only do we have the salmon, the duck, chicken, steaks, lobster, yellow fin tuna and scampi trimmed, cut, cleaned and prepped, ready for the oven or grill, we also prepare BBQ portions marinated in our gourmet sauces and even have rental BBQ utensils for your party.” While the Deli retails a range of Movenpick ice creams, specialty cheeses, hams, sauces, herbs, oils, salts, coffees and even Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee), he also mentioned that turkey, stuffing, Christmas cakes and puddings will be added to the range for the festive season.  “We have freshly baked breads every day and our specialty breads including the banana and carrot have got great reviews.”


For Director Rachitha Ratnayake this 34 room hotel marks the difference in city hospitality as it is an exclusive retreat in a luxury resort environment.  “Not only do we offer the business traveller the convenience of location, but it is the luxurious amenities and well- appointed spacious rooms designed to five- star standards, customised with hand-picked finest quality linen, original artworks, butler services including cyber butler service, 24 hour concierge and in-room dining that is unique.  Given that we have seven categories of rooms, each customised to ensure comfort amid contemporary luxury with classical vignettes, our guest will always be special, something we instil very strongly with our individualised service.”