Vehicle registrations rebound

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

There was a rebound in vehicle registration across the board in July from the lows of June. Total motor cars recorded 2,584 units in July significantly up from 1,580 units in June, but significantly down from 7,162 units 12 months ago.Brand new motor cars recorded a mere 299 units in July up from 222 units in June, but down from 904 units 12 months ago. Small cars (less than 1,000 CC engines) accounted for 88.6% of volumes.Pre-owned motor cars recorded 2,285 units in July, a significant increase over 1,358 units recorded in June, but significantly down from 6,258 units 12 months ago. Small cars accounted for 75.8% of units followed by medium cars with 23.7% of units.

Premium brands recorded 92 units in July, up from 66 units in June, but down from 198 units 12 months ago. New cars accounted for 22 units, Mercedes Benz recorded 16 units (C class 10). Pre-owned accounted for 70 units, Mercedes Benz 25 units (C class 24 units), BMW 26 units (3-series 15 units) and Audi 19 units (A1 11 units). Electric cars recorded 5 units in July down from 7 units in June and significantly down from 15 units 12 months ago. Nissan Leaf accounted for 3 units. SUVs recorded 671 units in July more than double the 289 units recorded in June and marginally up from 622 units recorded 12 months ago. Preowned accounted for 71.2% share, the balance 28.8% were brand new. Financing share was a low 31.3% which is below the normal monthly average that is around 45-50%.