VK Sasikala Gets 4-Year Jail Term For Corruption, Can’t Be Chief Minister

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

VK Sasikala was found guilty of corruption by the Supreme Court and has been sentenced to four years in prison on Tuesday. This ends her high-velocity and divisive bid to be Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – she is now barred from contesting an election for the next ten years.

At 10:30 am on Tuesday, two judges of the Supreme Court delivered their ruling separately, but agreed that Ms Sasikala had, in the early 90s, accumulated an illicit fortune with Ms Jayalalithaa, the five-term Chief Minister who she lived with, and who died in December.

Sources said that Ms Sasikala will surrender today to be imprisoned in Bengaluru in neighbouring Karnataka, which prosecuted the case, and where she was jailed with Ms Jayalalithaa in 2014 for three weeks before they were acquitted. The case then moved to the Supreme Court.