World Children’s Day with “HodaPurudu” educational campaign

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Swadeshi Khomba Baby HodaPuruducelebrates World Children’s Day with “HodaPurudu” educational campaign

The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC launched a novel hygiene awareness campaign for Sri Lanka’s primary school children to coincide with the World Children’s Day celebrations.

Titled “Swadeshi Khomba Baby Hoda Purudu” the event saw grade 3 school children at SapugaskandaSobhithaVidyalaya (Primary) taking part in awareness-led activities inculcating “HodaPurudu” (Good habits) among them.

The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC, spokesperson commencing the event explained 12 “HodaPurudu” (12 good habits) an informative session which was followed by a speech on 12 steps of hand washing, delivered byMiss.NilushaPatabendi,Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Specialist, UNICEF Sri Lanka. A hand-washing jingle was introduced to the school with a staged drama on the importance of HodaPurudu- another fun and excitement filled session enjoyed by the children. The event was rounded off with the HodaPurudu Line art drawing competition that featured 50 students showcasing their artistic talents.

Commenting on the HodaPurudu Awareness campaign, The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC spokesperson said: “We identified that HodaPurudu should not be limited to a particular day and that they should always be nurtured among children. So we were instrumental in fixing HodaPurudu awareness billboards inside the school which will remind students to adhere to good habits every time they see them. We are delighted to participate in this awareness campaign, which included UNICEF’s hand-washing guidance, and we look forward to conducting community empowerment projects of this caliber.”

As part of the HodaPurudu awareness campaign, Swadeshi Khomba Baby team fixed 12 boards in the school highlighting the 12 steps of HodaPurudu which includes the correct steps of hand washing based on UNICEF guidelines. The team donated Hand Washing sinks that displayed the 12 steps of hand washing.

In 2019, Swadeshi entered a ground breaking relationship with UNICEF’s BetterParenting.LK, that saw the company support the online platform that offers expert information on childcare, development, food and nutrition to Sri Lanka’s parents. Both Swadeshi and UNICEF’s BetterParenting.LK have a shared vision of empowering a generation of young people to reach their full potential, by ensuring that parents and caregivers are able to give children the best start in life. The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC has continuously been empowering local communities. Among such initiatives as supporting annual AlokaPoojas in temples around the country, Khomba tree planting initiatives, donating water tanks for people in dry zone, educational material for school children and hand-washing sinks for schools, temples and railways, stand out.

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