Statement on disastrous wildfires in Greece

According to media the worst wildfire to hit Greece in over a decade in a small resort town near Athens on Monday afternoon has killed at least 81 people, injured almost 200, disappeared several others and forced hundreds more to rush on to safe places as the blaze devoured houses and cars.

A state of emergency was declared in the Attica region, which includes Athens and three days of national mourning has been observed. We express profound fraternal solidarity with the Greek people and offer our condolences to the family members of the victims and wish rapid recovery to those injured as a result of the tragedy.

According to media the damages are very serious as the fire had hit mainly high populated villages and neighbourhoods that lacked indicative infrastructures and escape routes to be used at such an emergency situation. It is also mentioned the lack of government coordination planning and the frail firefighting services due to the austerity measures of the government.

We hope that there will be no other casualties in humans and that the wildfires will soon be under control. Our party assures you that in these difficult moments, we and all progressive people are with you, the citizens of Athens and all of Greece at this hour of need. 

We hope, as the Communist Party of Greece has demanded, the government would mobilize all the necessary forces of the state machine to support the residents in the area who have lost or injured their loved ones and property. We also pay tribute to the Communist party of Greece for its immediate action of organizing assistance to those in need, gathering material help and mobilizing volunteers to help the needy. Long live international solidarity!

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