UberTUK rides into Colombo

Ride at introductory fares of less than LKR 99 up to 5 km for all short distance travel needs No haggling & multiple payment modes; get a TUK at the tap of a button

Uber, the world’s largest on-demand ride-sharing company, today announced the launch of its UberTUK service in Colombo. With this service, riders can now book the city’s signature colorful three-wheelers as they go exploring within the city.

The transportation service not only adds to making low-cost options available to its current riders, it will also serve as a first/last mile ride to the public transit systems. This will help in reducing the number of cars on the road and offer an affordable point to point transport alternative to tourists and locals in the city.

Speaking on the launch, Ankit Gupta, General Manager, Uber said, “We are excited to launch uberTUK in Colombo as part of our vision to provide reliable transportation options for everyone, everywhere. We are keen to expand our product-mix offering across the island nation and products like TUK will go a long way in complementing public transit effectively and help us to be a true multi-modal partner and platform. This initiative will also help integrate existing three-wheeler drivers in the city into the technology based ridesharing ecosystem and supplement their entrepreneurial journey”.

A hyper-local offering for the Sri Lankan market, this innovation from Uber has been first launched in Colombo.

UberTUK offers introductory base ride fares priced at less than LKR 99 for the first 5 kms. It will include all safety features available for riders and includes all payable options including cash and debit/ credit cards. Riders can now benefit from upfront fares before they book a tuk ride and thereby have access to hassle free ride with transparent fares.

Service area

All of Colombo

How does it work?

  1. Open your Uber app
  2. Set your pickup location, destination and request your UberTUK
  3. An upfront expected price of the trip will be available for you to determine whether you want to take the TUK or not
  4. On confirmation, the riders will see the driver’s details straight away – name, photo and the details of the tuk.
  5. At the end of your trip, your total fare is calculated based on the distance and duration of your trip. You can pay in cash or card and receive an e-receipt

About Uber

Uber’s mission is to bring reliable transportation to everywhere, for everyone. We started in 2010 to solve a simple problem: how do you get a ride at the touch of a button? Six years and more than five billion trips later, we’ve started tackling an even greater challenge: reducing congestion and pollution in our cities by getting more people into fewer cars.

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