Ushering Sri Lanka’s rice cultivators towards a technology powered new era, the first ever company to introduce automatic rice mills to professional small-scale rice millers in Sri Lanka. Arrow Lanka Trading (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of Markspen Group remains the sole importers and distributors of Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mills and spare parts. Equipped with a well-trained and a professional technical staff, the Company provides technical support to install and maintain the Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mills and top of that the machine has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Powered by three-phase electricity, a Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mill can process 1000 kilograms of paddy per hour. With a built in electric control board, these compact machines only require a space of 10 x 15 feet and a single person can operate the machine.  In addition to the rice huller, the Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mill is well-equipped with an innovative vacuum destoner, gravity separator, abrasive jet rice polishers as well as a grading sifter. Hence, the Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mill can provide dust free, well-polished premium quality rice on a mass scale with maximum efficiency.  The wide spread availability of spare parts make it easier for machine operators to continue to provide uninterrupted services.

 “For decades, Sri Lanka’s rice cultivation industry lagged behind the more modern counterparts found elsewhere in the world. We wanted to contribute to the process of changing this status quo but first we looked to launch a test run to determine the adaptability of the available rice mills from manufacturers. An ethical and a visionary approach to business is part and parcel of our business process and as such we first conducted extensive research and adopted necessary modifications before introducing the Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mill to Sri Lanka,” commented Mahesh Jayarathna, Director – Markspen Group. The Company first imported a module of the Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mills in 2016 as part of a research and development drive.  Following a test-run based in Arangawila, Polonaruuwa, Arrow Lanka Trading worked with the manufacturers, Xianglian Machinery Ltd to incorporate necessary modifications to the Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mills before introducing the machinery to the Sri Lankan market. Following a successful test drive using four modified machines and rice grown in Sri Lanka at the manufacturing facility, Arrow Lanka Trading proceeded to introduce Leema GT – 1000D automatic rice mills to the Sri Lankan market in November 2016.   

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