Island Pulse, the brainchild of Pulse was awarded for the Best Use of Experiential Digital
Marketing under the ‘Digital Brand Bravery Award’ and the Silver Award under the ‘Other
Digital Marketing Campaigns’ category at the SLIM DIGIS 2.0 on the 21 st of January, 2021 for
the highly successful and influential #KillTheRadio online campaign. This marks yet another
massive win for Pulse and for its steadfast position as a huge cultural and social influence. Just
last year, the brand won an award for the Best National Lifestyle Platform in South Asia 2020
by APAC Insider – another tremendous win not just for Pulse but for Sri Lanka as a whole.
The online campaign titled #KillTheRadio was a collaborative effort going on since July 20 th 2019
as an attempt to cause a change in the way in which we listen to the radio, with an ingenious
solution as the brand’s end goal.
The brand’s mission in this effort was to allow for an unrestrained flow of music, to improve the
quality of radio time to make it a much-more pleasing experience. Through the collective
hashtag campaign, Island Pulse sought to halt radio banter and put an end to overplayed
advertisements. The online campaign #KillTheRadio was spearheaded and carried on by a group
of fifteen highly regarded online influencers, posting four stories and two feed posts for the
campaign. With negative marketing at the core of the campaign, Island Pulse garnered the
attention it aimed for, thus launching the brand as an online music radio with 24 hours of
nonstop music – all days of the year.
Island Pulse has since evolved and expanded, now with two streams under its umbrella; an
undisturbed line for mainstream music and another stream for laidback music. Island Pulse
features DJs and musicians from all across the world and hosts a live music show known as ‘No
Covers Allowed’ encouraging original art.
The SLIM DIGIS 2.0 is an award ceremony hosted by the Sri Lanka Institute of Management, the
national body in marketing in Sri Lanka. SLIM DIGIS was first introduced in 2018 as a means to
celebrate ingenuity and innovation in the field of digital marketing for Sri Lankan companies
with campaigns both within and outside of the country. The ceremony is the most highly prized digital awards ceremony in the country, and covers a wide range of fields like tourism,
telecommunication, hospitality and lifestyle.
Pulse is a lifestyle platform initiated in 2015 mainly catering to the Colombo audience.
Providing localised content on subjects rarely explored by mainstream Sri Lankan media, Pulse
takes pride in its revolutionary perspectives of progressive content generation. Breaking
barriers of normative media content, Pulse is a socially-aware and innovative lifestyle platform.
The content published ranges from articles, videos, event coverage, local recipes, unbiased food
reviews, travel and hotel visits, interviews, documentaries and informative text-based videos
centred on current events.
Island Pulse is unique and stands out as an easily accessible online radio with zero talk time or
advertisements, and instead an unrestricted flow of music from curated playlists. The station is
easily accessible through www.islandpulse.lk.

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