Royal Fernwood Porcelain manufactures heat
insulator for Rakon New Zealand

  • Royal Fernwood Porcelain enhances its capabilities and expands its offering by producing non tableware related products to precision
  • Rakon products are found at the forefront of communications whether it be deep down in the infrastructure, satellites in space, or navigation devices – enabling connectivity, faster and more reliable

Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited, a large-scale manufacturer of high quality white and decorated
porcelain tableware recently manufactured a very delicate and important engineering component –
the heater insulator for Rakon Limited, New Zealand, a global high technology organization that is in
the forefront of enabling connectivity and communications by designing and manufacturing world
leading frequency control solutions. The heater insulator which was manufactured by Royal
Fernwood to precision is said to be used in the temperature chamber, which is capable of handling
varying temperatures from -60°C (minus 60 degree Celsius) to 120°C (120 degree Celsius) and
heating is done with three phase electricity. The heater insulator is used for holding heater coils in
place thus can withstand high heat applications.
With the launch of this heater insulator, Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited transforms its product
offering from a mere tableware company to a porcelain base manufacturer all items. This results in
the Company’s ability to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and expand its product offering to
produce any product to precision from porcelain raw materials.
“As an entity that constantly looking for fresh opportunities and innovative methods to launch new
products, it is with great pleasure that we launch this product into the market” stated Yoshan
Fernando – Director/Chief Executive Officer, Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited. “Royal Fernwood
Porcelain has always been an organization that has earned respect and credibility amongst
customers for being flexible, agile, launching of new products within short lead times and simply
achieving milestones that has never been achieved before. Manufacturing and launching of the heat
insulator were a great challenge which was translated into an opportunity and achieved
successfully. Royal Fernwood will continue its quest for innovation, expanding boundaries and
creating products that have never been tried before. With the launch of the heat insulator, we have
elevated the brand to the next tier, one which is beyond mere porcelain tableware but are relevant
to customers and businesses” Mr Fernando concluded.
Rakon is a global high technology company and a world leader in its field. The company designs and
manufactures advanced frequency control and timing solutions. Its three core markets are
Telecommunications, Global Positioning and Space and Defence. Rakon products are found at the
forefront of communications where speed and reliability are paramount. The company’s products
create extremely accurate electric signals which are used to generate radio waves and synchronise
time in the most demanding communication applications. Rakon has three manufacturing plants,
and has six research and development centres. Customer support personnel are located in sixteen

offices worldwide. Rakon is proud of its New Zealand heritage; it was founded in Auckland in 1967.
It is a public company listed on the New Zealand stock exchange, NZX, ticker code RAK.
“ We were trying to source a supplier for heater insulator after our existing partner discontinued the
product lines” stated Mr. Sarath Dhamgagolla, Project Engineer, Equipment Development Group,
Rakon Limited, New Zealand. “ We are indeed grateful to Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited, for
accepting the challenge, transforming it into an opportunity, manufacturing this essential
component at the highest quality and delivering same within the given deadlines. We will no doubt
use your expertise for future product developments with similar aspects and look forward to a
continuous working partnership” Mr Dhamgagolla concluded.
An Ambeon company and subsidiary of Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC., Royal Fernwood Porcelain
Limited was incorporated in 1994 and commenced commercial production in 1997, exactly 20 years
post the company’s first successful export to the United Kingdom. Currently, the Company
manufactures products for most of the prestigious ceramic dinnerware manufacturers in Europe,
Japan, Australia, Scandinavia the USA and over 50 countries worldwide. Some of the company’s
prestigious international customer base includes brand names such as Debenhams, Portmerion,
Oneida, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Jashanmal, Jumbo Retail, Joules, Crate & Barrel, Country Road,
Laduree, Tchibo, Notneutral, XXX Lutz, Lenox, Porsgrund, Fischer, Ritzenhoff, Migross, Ripley, Thun,
Narumi, El Corte Ingles, Berghoff, Yalco, Weissesstal and Galerfia Kaufhof
Royal Fernwood Porcelain, reputed for their coloured and youthful designs, enjoys the heightened
value addition through a wide range of extremely popular designs and decorations that include in-
glaze, on-glaze, under-glaze, hand painted, etching and microwave-safe designs including gold and
platinum. Catering to customer demand, Royal Fernwood has been successful in developing new
products using coloured glazes to match the body, which is a unique achievement for porcelain
tableware. All Royal Fernwood products are safe for all aspects of dining, as the raw materials used
for white products are Lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) safe and does not contain bone ash. The
company is also the only porcelain tableware manufacturer to be endorsed by SLS and the recipient
of SLS 122:2001quality certification.

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