Moose Clothing Company Wins Award at SLIM Brand Excellence 2020

Moose Clothing Company clinched their first bronze award for “Best New Entrant Brand”
category at the recently held SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2020.
Moose Clothing believes in creating clothing that’s loved by all, allowing everyone to
embrace and celebrate their unique personalities. Moose Clothing has over time established
itself as versatile brand that creates comfortable quality clothing with the perfect fit. The
brand is keen about perfecting every aspect of their clothing and puts in every effort to
create a quality garment that will always speak for itself.
Commenting on their marvellous achievement, Hasib Omar, Executive Director/CEO of
Moose Clothing Company said, “This is indeed a testimony of our hard work and dedication
towards the brand and our customers. At Moose we believe that each customer is unique
and our clothing is tailored to match that uniqueness. We entered the market with that in
mind and this award is a clear indication that we are on the right track.”
Established in 2018, the brand’s journey is all about celebrating the free-spirited personality
of the wearers with versatile clothing that’s suitable for work, dance and play. 
The SLIM Brand Excellence Awards is a celebration of brand excellence at the national level
which recognises and rewards the outstanding efforts of outstanding marketers. SLIM
endeavours to encourage best practices in branding and raise local brands to global
standards, thereby enhancing the image of marketing in the country. Each year the panel of
judges evaluates the applicants for each category of award, seeking the qualities that
elevate brands beyond the normal realm.

Moose Clothing Company is a result of a 50-year long expertise in the apparel industry and
the brand passionately strives to craft quality clothing through innovation that will always
evolve with the wearer and resonate their lifestyles making them feel their best.

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