Nawaloka Hospitals launches two Intermediate Care Centres for COVID-19′ patients

Pioneering Sri Lankan private healthcare provider Nawaloka Hospitals,
recently introduced two new intermediate care centres for the treatment of asymptomatic
COVID-19′ positive patients. The fully-equipped treatment centres are hosted in partnership
with Mt. Lavinia Hotel Colombo and Mirage Hotel Colombo, which have been converted and
geared to safely manage patients approved to seek private medical treatment by the Ministry of
Health, Sri Lanka.
“The Nawaloka Intermediate Care Centres were borne out of a desire to help reduce the great
burden on our government’s healthcare system caused by the rapidly evolving pandemic. The
centres are exclusively for asymptomatic patients, who prefer an uninterrupted period of
treatment and quarantine at a comfortable and safe facility. We are confident that with our
team of dedicated and highly-skilled team of medical experts, we have been able to create a
protected environment that accelerates healing and supports patients through this difficult time.
All of our COVID-19′ care operations are conducted under the strict directives dictated by the
Ministry of Health.” Nawaloka Hospitals Deputy Chairman Harshith Dharmadasa stated.
Patients who test positive for COVID-19′ can reach out to Nawaloka Hospitals to book a room
in either intermediate care centre. The hospital will then transport the patient safely to the
centre, for a mandatory period of treatment and quarantine – 10 days after the initial PCR test
as deemed by government health authorities. Patients will be treated to high quality,
comprehensive care services offered by an exclusive, highly-skilled clinical team to oversee and
manage all operations within the centre.
All patients will be screened daily and their progress will be closely tracked, while any other
ailments that are discovered during routine checks will immediately referred to a specialist medical consultant. If the patient’s condition escalates drastically, they will be carefully
transferred to a special, isolated Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
All rooms are thoroughly disinfected after every stay to eliminate all risks of cross-
contamination amongst staff and patients. All food and beverage is prepared under strict
hygienic conditions by the experienced chefs known for curating quality culinary experiences at
each hotel, and takes into account particular dietary requirements submitted by each patient.
Having partnered with a professional disposal company, the hospital ensures that all garbage
and waste will be incinerated and cautiously disposed in a routine manner.
As a leader in Sri Lanka’s healthcare industry, Nawaloka Hospitals has innovated numerous
measures to care for patients while impeding the spread of the virus in the country. Practices
like drive-thru lab testing and channeling, home visit PCR and lab tests solutions, home delivery
of medication and telehealth consultations were immediately launched to enable patients to
continue their medical care without visiting the hospital physically. 

About Nawaloka Hospitals
Nawaloka Hospitals entered the state-dominated healthcare sector in 1985 as the first private
hospital in Sri Lanka to offer tertiary healthcare services. Since then, under the visionary
leadership of Dr. Jayantha Dharmadasa, the hospital has garnered considerable local and
international recognition, pioneering numerous advanced clinical developments in the country.
In 2020, Nawaloka Hospitals achieved the prestigious Joint Commission International’s (JCI)
gold seal of approval for its continued compliance with internationally-recognized healthcare
Nawaloka offers a 24-hour OPD centre, a state-of-the-art ETU facility, air and land medical
evacuation services that include mobile ICUs and a home nursing unit offering professional in-
home care services. Equipped with the latest technology and affordable healthcare solutions of international standards driven by a passionate and professional team of the best consultants and
nurses, Nawaloka Hospitals is fully committed towards the principal vision of building a
healthier and stronger Sri Lanka.

  • Nawaloka Hospital’s Intermediate Care Centre at Mt. Lavinia Hotel, Colombo.

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