DPL lends a hand to children in Monaragala Rubber Farming Communities

As part of its ongoing efforts to empower and uplift the livelihood of its farmer co-operative
societies, Dipped Products PLC (DPL) distributed school bags to the children of 1,500 smallholder
rubber farmers for the 10th consecutive year, under its flagship Firstlight CSR project.
This year’s distribution recorded the largest donation of school bags, which was nearly a two-fold
increase from the previous year, bringing the total value of the distribution up to nearly Rs. 1 million.
Taking place at the Pinwatta Bodimalu Viharaya in Medagama, Monaragala, this latest distribution
marks the Company’s continued efforts to support the smallholder rubber farming communities, by
ensuring that their essential needs are looked after.
“Especially in this time of economic uncertainty, with the nation facing significant challenges and
hardships, it is truly touching to see the positive impact which we continue to have on the
underprivileged smallholder rubber farming communities. We believe that programmes like Firstlight
hold the key to enhancing the livelihoods of our 1500-strong rubber farmers, providing them with an
improved quality of life, whilst paving the way to open up new opportunities and a brighter future.
This is why, with the enthusiastic response we have received over the years, we have now also
expanded this school bag distribution to include the District of Kegalle,” Dipped Products Deputy
Managing Director, Pushpika Janadheera said.
Since its inception, the DPL Firstlight project has been assisting the smallholder rubber farmer
communities to attain a sustainable livelihood with the provision of fertiliser to enhance the growth
of their rubber plantations. In addition to this, DPL also conducts trainings for the latex farming
communities, thereby enabling them to improve their knowledge and up skill, whilst enhancing their
competitiveness in the local rubber industry.
Over the years, the DPL Firstlight initiative has continued to expand its farmer network, whilst
providing assistance to several underprivileged latex farmers in the remote villages of Sri Lanka.
“I started supplying latex to DPL in 2020, and until then I was supplying rubber sheets to other
companies. Up until now, none of the other companies I had supplied to, have provided me with the
benefits which DPL has given. DPL not only offers me an extremely fair price for latex, but the
Company has also provided my children, and the other famers’ children with school bags for the
New Year,” said R.M Gunawardana, a farmer who joined the DPL Farmer Co-operative Society, last

Commencing operations in 1976, Dipped Products is a global leader in protective hand-wear,
presently serving up to 5% of the global demand for natural and synthetic latex based medical,
household and industrial gloves. Backed by a strong reputation for innovation, quality, and
responsible manufacturing practices, the Company’s products now reach over 70 countries. With
manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and Thailand, DPL is also one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of ethical gloves, offering a holistic value proposition to all its partners across the
value chain.
Established in 1878 by Chas. P. Hayley as a trading house in Galle specialising in import and export,
the Hayleys Group has since grown to serve as a centrepiece of the Sri Lankan economy while
maintaining a global presence of manufacturing and marketing offices across five regions with
business interests spanning a total of 16 sectors. Today it stands out as one of Sri Lanka’s most
prominent success stories, having been the first listed Sri Lankan corporate to surpass US$ 1billion
in revenue and accounting for 3.4% of the nation’s total export earnings.

DPL staff members with the children who were presented with the school bags
Chief Incumbent of the Pinwatta Bodimalu Viharaya in Medagama, Monaragala with the
children who were presented with the school bags

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