SLT-MOBITEL Aims to Push Boundaries in ICT & Telecom Education

SLT-MOBITEL has always been held in high esteem and recognised as a pioneer when it
comes to offering the nation with ICT and telecom solutions. Having achieved for itself a revered
name within the telecom industry, SLT-MOBITEL identified the significance of elevating the
nation’s young minds and empowering the growth of the industry by tapping into the education
sector. This is when SLT Training Centre (SLTTC) came into fruition and today, can be heralded
as an educational institute that has reached the pinnacle of specialized education in the country.
SLTTC was initiated with the aim of developing the competency of the company’s staff
members and the steps that were taken by the telecommunications service provider eventually
paved the way to expand their educational services even further, working to uplift youth who
were enthusiastic about entering the telecom industry in Sri Lanka. The educational arm of SLT-
MOBITEL, SLTTC first began operations by offering engineering courses which extended up to
degree level courses. As of now, the training centre is looking forward to diversify on their
course offerings and provide a range of courses for members of the public who seek to achieve
a career pathway in the telecom sector.
Amongst the many advantages that SLTTC has to offer, is their affiliation with world-recognized
universities such as the University of Hertfordshire, UK, which offers B.Eng. Hons Degrees in a
variety of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering,
Electronics & Computer Engineering streams and also is ranked amongst the highest-ranking
universities in the world. Another awarding body is the Pearson BTEC (UK), which offers Higher
National Diploma courses in Computing and Electrical & Electronic Engineering.
Prospective students can choose from an array of short courses that cover segments such as
Certificate in Applied Information Technology (CAIT), Advanced Certificate in Contact Centre
Profession (CCP), Data Communication (CCNA), Optical Fibre, Power & AC, Transmission and
Telecommunication Technician NVQ Level 3/4. Sri Lankan students can therefore, easily gain a
world-class education from the comfort of their own country and that too, at a fraction of the cost
it would take to seek education abroad. For instance, studying for a three-year degree in the UK
would mean having to pay tuition costs of somewhere in the range of 70 lakhs. Instead, the
same qualification can be obtained here, at TTC, for close to 16 lakhs.
Upon successful completion of their studies, students can also obtain IET membership.
Students who graduate after completing their B.Eng. degree can also move forward with their
study path and enrol in an MSc or MBA program that is being offered by universities in the UK,
USA and Australia to name a few. Students who complete a UK degree program are also
entitled to a two-year post work permit in the UK.

A major highlight from the training centre’s achievements is the recognition the educational
institute received when 10 first-class holders graduated from two batches, in two consecutive
years (2019 and 2020). This type of output is rarely witnessed and yet, the SLTTC has been

successful in easily achieving this feat. This accomplishment is down to the dedication and
industry-expertise displayed by the lecture panel. What sets their lecturing approach apart is
that students receive the utmost attention from their lecturers and many of the lecturers are also
employed at SLT-MOBITEL and hence, come equipped with a plethora of industry experience
and knowhow which no doubt benefits their students and allows these students with the
opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and experience from the ground level onwards.
Being able to also easily access their lecturers who are available to freely support their students
at any time also helps in this process. Alternatively, students are also privy to internships that
are made available to them at SLT-MOBITEL, thus providing them with an edge in terms of the
fields they pursue and making the edification and career process ever more fulfilling. Many
graduates have gone on to forge successful careers in their respective fields of study and their
world-class qualifications provides them with that extra stepping stone.
Commenting on the role that the SLTTC plays in the country’s tertiary education landscape, Mr.
Janaka Silva, General Manager of Talent Development Division, SLT, stated, “Sri Lanka
Telecom Training Centres have, over the years, maintained and continued to make name as a
premier provider of education services in the ICT and telecommunications segments. Being the
training arm of SLT-MOBITEL, it also places the training centre on a higher pedestal where our
students are guaranteed to receive the best in terms of higher education and training, during
their time here with us. With our abundance in facilities, range of short and degree-level courses
and the knowhow gained through easy access to industry-expertise, our students will no doubt
be able to find their footing in the real world out there and confidently penetrate into the ICT and
telecom industry, both locally and internationally.”

SLTTC has locations in Welisara, Moratuwa and Kandy. Amongst the many facilities made
available to students, are lab facilities, sophisticated interactive classrooms, auditorium,
recreation facilities, hostel facilities, library and canteen facilities. Extra-curricular
activities are also a major part of the training centre’s learning experience and students
are encouraged to take part in those proceedings.

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