Union Assurance introduces Group Health: a holistic, automated insurance solution for

Powers a fully-automated contactless and cashless insurance journey for employers and employees

Extending its dynamic portfolio of exceptional insurance solutions, Sri Lanka’s premier
life insurer Union Assurance, recently launched their latest digital offering, ‘Group Health’. The holistic,
fully-automated life insurance solution empowers corporates to manage their group’s policies efficiently
and effectively.
The novel solution offers employers unparalleled convenience by fully automating administrative
processes, eliminating manual interventions and documentation and optimizing cost control processes,
while equally enabling employees to take advantage of contactless claims reimbursements and cashless
payments for hospitalisations through Union Assurance’s Clicklife App.
Further, employees can benefit from 48-hour OPD claims processing solutions, 24/7 access to customer
support, and exclusive conveniences negotiated with medical service providers. Corporates can also
enrich their employee insurance policies with dental care and surgical covers. The comprehensive
offering by Union Assurance is a move to meet the increasing demand for mobility and remote
accessibility in insurance services.
“Reducing friction in the group life space is increasingly relevant in today’s virtual world. By automating
the administrative processes that consume organizational resources, Group Health by Union Assurance
offers comprehensive solutions through an ecosystem that benefits both employer and employee,”
stated Jude Gomes, Chief Executive Officer of Union Assurance.
“These efforts are an important part of Union Assurance’s ongoing drive to leverage digital technologies
to enhance the customer experience. For employees, the hassle and inconvenience associated with
claims is eliminated by digitizing the claims process, which is either cashless, or reimbursable through the
app, saving time and effort.” Gomes added further.
Intelligent automation is transforming the way business is done in every sector of the economy, by
helping companies transcend conventional performance trade-offs to achieve exceptional levels of
efficiency and quality. In the insurance sector, automation enables personalized client relationships and
helps unlock disruptive business models. In such a progressive backdrop, Group Health was innovated
to power growing and diverse corporate insurance needs with technologically advanced solutions.

Union Assurance is a part of the John Keells Group, Sri Lanka’s largest listed conglomerate, completing
over three decades of success with a market capitalisation of Rs. 18 Bn, a Life Fund of Rs. 42 Bn and a
Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 325% as of February 2021. Set to empower the Sri Lankan Dream,
Union Assurance offers Life Insurance solutions that cover education, health, investment, protection,
and retirement needs of Sri Lankans. The company was recently recognised as LMD’s #1 Most Awarded
insurance company in Sri Lanka and received the most respected international accolade for financial
advisors in life insurance for producing the highest number of MDRTs (Million Dollar Round Table
achievers) in 2020. With 75 branches and an over 3500-strong workforce, Union Assurance continues
to invest in people, products, and processes with a customer-centric focus to be responsive to emerging
trends in the Life Insurance industry.

Jude Gomes, Chief Executive Officer – Union Assurance

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