Rotaract & Interact jointly initiates ‘The Thriving Nile’; An international project in uplifting educationin rural Uganda

Education is a basic human right, and the most powerful tool known to mankind in strengthening
generations, and to provide solutions for global issues and achieve world peace and prosperity among
nations. In fulfilling this goal of equal education for all, Rotaract club of Wattala together with Rotaract
Club Ejecutivo de Aguascalientes of RID 4110 (Mexico) and the Interact club of St. Bridget’s Convent of
RID 3220 recently initiated ‘The Thriving Nile’, a virtual classroom tutor session for children of Nile Local
Experience in Uganda, in attempt to uplift the education of children in Uganda, despite the challenges
According to World Bank statistics on primary education, since achieving a rate of 98.8% of gross prime
school enrollment percentage in 2000, there has been an enormous progress in achieving the target of
universal primary education. Even though this is the situation globally, according to a study by UNESCO,
when individually considered the Saharan-sub region of Africa, including Uganda, has the highest rates
of education exclusion – resulting over One – fifth of the population each of both children and youth, to
be out of school due to reasons such as poverty and lack of tutors.
Due to situations as such, the progress has been tough for organizations like “Nile Local Experience” – a
small school in Uganda, providing a home to a bunch of curious little minds from age 6 to 11, who are
facing challenged situations mainly due to high levels of poverty, unemployment and other severe crisis
situations that had resulted in many of the children to be left behind as orphans, and currently due to
the prevailing pandemic situation. But these tense situations have not stopped them from being eager
to learn, and hopefully put an end to all the issues they are currently facing as educated citizens, in the
near future.
In hopes of making their dreams of being educative citizens come true, members of the Rotaract club of
Wattala, Ejecutivo de Aguascalientes and Interact club of St. Bridget’s Convent joined hands in assisting
Nile Local Experience by hosting virtual educative sessions to tutor subjects such as English, Maths,
Science and Music via zoom and WhatsApp, amidst many difficulties such as access to proper devices
and internet. The project is still ongoing, successfully and hopes to continue for many more years to

Virtual sessions held via Google Meet

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