Young Constructors’ Forum makes donation of critical medical equipment to Colombo South Teaching Hospital

Affirming its continued commitment to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic,
the Young Constructors’ Forum (YCF) recently made a donation of key medical equipment to
the Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Kalubowila. The donation included a multi-para
monitor, pulse oximeters, wall oxygen regulators and PPE kits.

The equipment was handed over to Dr. Pradeep Wijesinghe, Director – Colombo South
Teaching Hospital. These will be utilized to enhance the hospital’s treatment capacity and
further empower and secure the hospital’s frontline team in delivering life-saving care to a
greater number of patients at a time when the number of COVID-19 positive patients in the
country is on a steep rise. This is the second donation made during the pandemic in line with
YCF’s commitment to CSR efforts, spearheaded by YCF member Imasha Pasqual.

The Sri Lankan construction industry productivity took a deep dive at the onset of the
pandemic, but adjusted quickly by drawing on the power of innovation and agility imposing
strict health and safety protocols set by the government. The entire industry adapted rapidly to
navigate this previously unknown territory to rethink workers’ safety, supply chain processes,
designs, and integration of digital solutions. These fresh initiatives highlighted the critical nature
of proper manpower management and enabled the industry to continue work while
safeguarding its workforce.

“The current backdrop of the epidemic has highlighted the paramount importance of a strong
healthcare system. The Young Constructors’ Forum remains deeply committed to support and uplift our silent heroes, the frontline healthcare workers, as they selflessly battle the first-hand
effects of the virus,” President of the Young Constructors’ Forum, Anisha Dharmadasa opined.

Within the YCF, the pandemic has ignited open conversations on how we can make the
industry more attuned to technology and other critical areas such as sustainability, diversity and
inclusivity. Members of the forum have also continued to lead discussions with key stakeholders
of the government to ascertain short and long-term plans to revive the industry.

The Young Constructors’ Forum (YCF) is a group of young professionals representing the
leading construction firms in Sri Lanka. The forum’s mission is to come together to voice and
discuss the concerns of the industry and promote innovation within the next generation of
engineers and constructors. One of the YCF’s most valuable assets is its connected ecosystem
of collaborators focused on driving positive change that would otherwise be impossible in silos.
By linking together minds in diverse businesses, its dynamic industry-led team supports a
culture of innovation that drives transformational change across the construction industry.

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