Tokyo Cement Extends ‘Fountain of Life’ Drinking Water Project to Siyambalagaswewa

Tokyo Cement Group recently expanded their ‘Fountain of Life’ project by gifting purified
drinking water facilities to the people of Siyambalagaswewa in Mihintale. The Company
installed a customised “PureHydro®” water purification system with Reverse Osmosis
Technology, with an output capacity of 5000 litres a day, endowing the most precious gift of
life on nearly 650 villagers in Siyambalagaswewa. This project aims to contribute towards the
Government accomplish its mission to provide clean drinking water to every household in the
island, as spelled out in the Vistas of Prosperity manifesto.
The Fountain of Life water purification project was declared open by Mr. V.M.
Ravinthirakumar – Director, Tokyo Eastern Cement Company/General Manager, Tokyo
Cement Factory, together with Mr. and Mrs. K. Nanayakkara of Keerthi Traders,
Anuradhapura and Mr. J.M. Thirimanna of New Grand Distributors, Anuradhapura,
representing the Tokyo Cement Group’s Dealer Network. The Mihindu Grama Sanwardana
Samithiya of Siyambalagaswewa, under the guidance of the Rural Development Department
of North Central Provincial Council, extended their fullest cooperation to Tokyo Cement
Group to implement the project successfully.
Mr. S.R. Gnanam, Managing Director of Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC, in a
statement said, “We started the Fountain of Life project with a far-reaching vision of providing
the most essential need for all living beings, that is safe and pure drinking water. The project
is implemented in selected rural parts of our country, where good quality water is critically
important to save thousands of lives. With the ‘Fountain of Life‘ we will continue to extend
our support to the Government to achieve its goal to provide clean drinking water facility to
every household by 2025”.
People of Siyambalagaswewa, whose key livelihood is based on chena cultivation and
freshwater fishing in the famous Mahakandarawa Wewa, were struggling with many
difficulties in accessing potable water. Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain origin (CKDu)
had afflicted several residents of the village, while posing a great threat on the lives of the
children and vulnerable groups of the community. Tokyo Cement Group worked in
association with the Rural Development Department of North Central Provincial Council and
the Siyambalagaswewa Village Development Society, to refurbish and replace an abandoned
water scheme with a new and improved water purification system with RO capability as part
of the joint initiative. Thanks to the Fountain of Life project, 171 low-income families in
Siyambalagaswewa will gain access to safe drinking water, ensuring the health and wellbeing
of many generations to come.
Tokyo Cement Group’s ‘Fountain of Life’ Purified Drinking Water project has so far touched
the lives of over 3,100 people in five villages in two districts, with the installation of five water
purification plants with a cumulative capacity of 30,000 liters a day. This includes Veravil,
Valaippaadu and Veerapandiyamunai in the Kilinochchi District, and Nawakkulama, another
farming village severely affected by CKDu in the Anuradhapura District. Tokyo Cement

Group plans to extend the reach of Fountain of Life project with the installation of more water
purification facilities in selected rural villages across the island in the upcoming months.
Tokyo Cement is among the leading blue-chip companies that have deployed many social
empowerment projects of similar nature, that have a far-reaching impact on the lives of the
people of our country. Tokyo Cement Group’s commitment to social responsibility breathes
life through initiatives such as this, by which they have successfully integrated social welfare
and environmental conservation into its corporate DNA as part of their vision to become the
leading partner in Nation-building.

  • Mr. and Mrs. K. Nanayakkara of Keerthi Traders and Mr. J.M. Thirimanna of New Grand Distributors in Anuradhapura with Mr. V.M. Ravinthirakumar, Director-Tokyo Eastern Cement Co./GM-Tokyo Cement Factory, at the inauguration of Tokyo Cement Group’s Fountain of Life drinking water project in Siyambalagaswewa, Mihintale.
  • Tokyo Cement Group’s Fountain of Life provides life giving, clean drinking water to the people of Siyambalagaswewa in Mihintale.
  • Representatives of the Mihindu Grama Sanwardana Samithiya – Siyambalagaswewa, and the Rural Development Department of North Central Provincial Council, at the Tokyo Cement ‘Fountain of Life’ water purification plant in Siyambalagaswewa.

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