99x listed as a Best Workplace in Asia and Sri Lanka onceagain

In a period fraught with uncertainty, technology company 99x’s ability to continue ‘business as
usual’ and be a supportive life partner to its people saw it being listed as a Best Workplace in Sri
Lanka for the ninth consecutive year and in Asia for a fifth year, ranking at #17 out of 100 small
and medium scale companies in Asia.

In the largest collection of employee experiences in Asia, over 3.3 million employees from
across 16 countries in Asia and the Middle East were surveyed to determine the Best
Workplaces in the region. 99x was among just 14 SME organizations selected from Sri Lanka
from assessments conducted over the past two years.

“Over the years we’ve witnessed that satisfied and happy employees drive business
results. We believe in first looking after our employees, who in turn will look after our
customers. This was proven in 2020, when the pandemic struck and we continued business as
usual, driven by our people-first workplace culture. To be ranked on these indexes by Great
Place to Work® is a brand-new achievement for us each year and we are extremely proud to be
listed once again,” stated 99x Founder and CEO Mano Sekaram.
The Great Place to Work® model considers workplace culture from two perspectives: The
employee perspective – where the employees’ perceptions of the workplace experience are
averaged using the Trust Index survey, and the manager’s perspective – where the quality of
interactions intended through people practices established by the management is evaluated
using the Culture Audit tool.
“We applaud 99x for seeking employees’ feedback and the opportunity to recognize itself
through this exclusive title,” said Great Place to Work® Sri Lanka CEO Kshanika Ratnayake.
“These ratings measure its capacity to earn its own employees’ trust and create a great
workplace that is driven by meaningful values, effective leaders and the intent to maximize
human potential – critical metrics that anyone considering working for or doing business with
99x should take into account as an indicator of a high-performance culture.”
99x adopted a proactive stance from the early days of the pandemic, from rapidly shifting its
people to a work from home model even before the country went into lockdown last year to
keeping its primary focus on protecting all jobs at any cost. While maintaining productivity and
customer satisfaction, the company has kept a close watch on employee wellbeing, initiating
numerous activities and extending constant support to keep morale up and give its people and
their families peace of mind during difficult times.
The company has been listed as a Best IT/ITeS Workplace in Sri Lanka in 2021 for a second
consecutive year and is a Best Workplace for Women in Sri Lanka for two years in a row. With
its people-first approach, 99x continuously strives to improve employee satisfaction and
engagement within its open workplace culture, now more than ever in the virtual setup of the
‘New Normal’.

Headquartered in Sri Lanka, 99x is a technology company co-creating well-engineered,
innovative digital products for the Scandinavian market. Its expertise has been proven through a
portfolio of over 150 impactful global digital products developed since 2004, together with
leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). 99x employs over 350 technology and product
specialists, who are high achievers, creative thinkers and team players. The company is one of
Asia’s Best Workplaces for 2021 and has been named a Best Workplace in Sri Lanka for nine
consecutive years.

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