SLTMobitel-PEOTV Geared to Support School Children through Distance Learning

SLT- MOBITEL, the National ICT, Telecommunications and Mobile Services Provider continues to harness
the strength of the company’s technology to nurture young learners by providing a platform to access
distance education, through its flagship Internet Protocol Television service, PEOTV. Children are able to
access PEOTV directly through SLT-MOBITEL home broadband, and can also reach the households
nationwide through any ‘home broadband’ or ‘mobile broadband’ connection via SLTMobitel-PEOTV GO.
The revolutionary services that SLTMobitel-PEOTV has launched include ‘Videsa’, comprising six TV
channels dedicated to individual grades covering Grades 06 to 11, and the Education on Demand (EOD)
initiative which facilitates hassle free learning from the comfort of students’ homes, helping them watch
and study lessons at their convenience using the pause and rewind features. Additionally, through the
EOD service, a larger library of educational lessons provided by many reputed Educational Content
providers in the country such as GURU, Candela, DP Education, etc., offer students enhanced
convenience to watch lessons at any time.
Today, especially with repeated school closures for over a year due to the pandemic affecting the
education of millions of school children, SLTMobitel-PEOTV’s services have continued to impart
knowledge by providing access to uninterrupted learning.
Elaborating on the initiative, Rohan Fernando, Group Chairman, SLT said, “We have continuously sought
to empower our students with learning opportunities and provide access to education resources to
enrich their studies. Especially at this critical time, with the need to ensure students are fully engaged,
we are deeply appreciative of the initiative taken by the Ministry of Education towards creating a
dedicated TV platform. We are pleased to work closely with the Ministry, having received their
endorsement in taking this national task forward, by harnessing the unmatched capabilities of
SLTMobitel-PEOTV to provide the most preferred distance learning solution for uninterrupted education
nationwide through home broadband or mobile broadband of any service provider. Furthermore, the
SLT-MOBITEL Team is fully equipped and ready to stream the Content on LIVE TV, as soon as the
Ministry releases the Content to us.”
Continuing to sustain the nation’s learning needs and support students enrich their studies despite the
challenges of the pandemic, SLTMobitel-PEOTV is ready to assign 20 dedicated TV channels with 48
hours of rewinding facility featuring Content from the Ministry of Education. PEOTV is equipped to
commence this special service for students across the country and are awaiting Content from the
Ministry of Education, to launch the channels.
Once the service is initiated, access to learning will be extended to students through SLT-MOBITEL’s
mobile network’s Over the Top (OTT) solution and across all other mobile networks assuring seamless

connectivity. Any customer will be able to access these education channels through the PEOTVGO App
via mobile, tablet, laptop or a PC by simply downloading the app on Google Play and APP Stores.
For over 160 years the SLT Group has led the evolution of telecommunications in Sri Lanka as the
National ICT Solutions Provider, enriching the lives of the people. Dedicated to creating a connected Sri
Lanka, SLT-MOBITEL channels the latest technology to deliver the future and improve lives, providing
voice, data, and entertainment solutions in addition to a host of support services. Bridging the digital
divide with a focus on sustainable socio-economic progress, SLT-MOBITEL is an inclusive, responsible
entity to the planet and its people. SLT-MOBITEL’s journey is the story of a connected people, flourishing
as a community, experiencing the growth of enterprise and the development of generations. SLT-

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